Sunday, January 13, 2008

Everybody grab a bucket, indeed!

Well, don't have time to get into it completely, but man! You gotta be shi... kidding me! Bucket List, The? Can Rob Reiner afford to buy all those tickets himself? I guess Alan Zweibel didn't do the script on this one. ...see, he did North and The Story of Us. Need I say more?
The other big story of course is the second VeggieTales movie. Good God, has it really been six years? The sequel's already made so much money, they'll finally be able to start that class action lawsuit against those bastards, the Madagascar penguins. Score one for the 1-2-3 Penguins!
what else? Ah, made the mistake of starting this too early in one fell burst. As you can see, I only riffed on two movies so far. And 2B honest, it's gonna be kinduva biz-ee week 4 me. Plus, +, the dang blog interface is getting a little less intuitive. Must be based on the blog's performance or somehting. Anyway, they were showing the original One Missed Call on cable; Sundance or some damn thing. And well, what can you say? Between The Bucket List, Friday part 4, I Am Legend, and Atonement, it's FUBU Cinema Central this week!
...okay, I've just been informed that, while Atonement is a good movie, and a great movie... why, ddin't it just win a Golden Globe?
Where was I? Oh yeah, time for bed. 'night, mother!!!

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