Saturday, May 10, 2008

Iron Man, pt. 2

Oh, something else I'll never get done. But by God I'm seeing this through to the end this time.
At #5 the Apatow Raunch Fest (ARF) continues unabated with Forgetting Sarah Marshall. How many screenplays is this bastard going to unleash on an unsuspecting public? At least as a director he's only got a two year gestation period. We'll just have to wait til 2009 for his next directorial effort, Untitled Judd Apatow/Adam Sandler Project. Sounds like it might surprise you!
At #4 it's Harold and Maude 2... no I'm sorry, it's Harold & Kumar 2. Something about Guantanamo Bay. I forget who likes it more, the ACLU or Amnesty International. And you thought they were a bunch of humorless liberals! Not true!
Moving briskly on to #3, it's Baby Mama. It's doing well, but is it doing well enough for Lorne? Hmmmm. That's a head-scratcher. As for Tina Fey, well, I think she's got too much time on her hands. Between 30 Rock and this and going back on SNL to endorse Hillary Clinton, way too much time.
At #2, from the director of Leonard Part 6 and City Slickers 2, it's Made of Honor (part 1). And it seems to be coasting aloft solely on the charm of the new Patrick Dempsey, but for me, it's breakthrough star Kevin McKidd who steals the show. Why? The awesome name! He's a McMan now!

And finally, at #1... Who knew? The superhero pic reigns triumphant at this week's Box Office. But, for how long? This time, it's another one from the Stan Lee side of things, Iron Lung ... Forgive me, my mind must be elsewhere. It's Iron Man, dummy! Now, the whole industry was skeptical that Jon Favreau could direct a blockbuster, but boy did he prove them wrong! Besides, people forget, his Elf kicked Russell Crowe's sorry historical ass just five years earlier or so. But I do get the feeling that when the DVD rolls around, we're going to have to suffer through footage of that day when Vince Vaughn stopped by the set, and ol' Fred Claus and Favreau just got to riffing, and improvised something better than anything in the movie. But don't worry, they'll make Swingers 2 out of it soon enough.

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