Saturday, May 03, 2008

Short Reviews - April '08

I have just seen the future, people: Wesley Snipes as Rev. Wright in a new Spike Lee joint: Bamboozled 2! Or is it Get on the Bus 2? One of those. Hey, you know what it's time for? Some more Four Word Movie Reviews!

Burn After Reading - just four more months ...

Wall:E - Total Short Circuit ripoff

Drop Zone - John Badham's Point Break

Smart People - Juno 2? Nothing less!

Thirteen Ghosts - F. Murray Abraham sushi

Then She Found Me - Oscar for Best Director?

What Happens in Vegas - ... is now on film!

Last King of Scotland, The - Randy Scotsman's fishhook crucifixion

Click - Adam Sandler's Slaughterhouse Five

Original Sin - Jolie's historically overpowering sexiness

Gia - Jolie's overpowering supermodel sexiness

Life or Something Like It - Seattle can sink anything ...

Taking Lives / Beyond Borders / A Mighty Heart - Jolie's overpowering activism sexiness

Lookin' to Get Out - Jolie's overpowering underage sexiness

Girl 6 - Under the Tarantinan Moon.

The Getaway (1995) - Better than Schepisi, Alec?

Breach - Penultimate CIA mole's Entrapment

What Lies Beneath - Pfeiff in the bathtub?

Thoth - Someone got a lisp?

Leatherheads - Football flix is nix

Indiana Jones 4 - Computer hackers aren't waiting ...

Forgetting Sarah Marshall - Comedy genre wearing thin

The Forbidden Kingdom - Crouching Tiger part 8

88 minutes - Off by 20 ... damn! I knew I couldn't sustain it.

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