Monday, January 30, 2012

Liam & the Wolves

As expected, The Grey takes the top slice of cake this week at the box office. It scarfed up $20 million at the ticket counter, but it cost $25 mill in TV ads to get that 20 mill! I have it on the highest authority that it's director Joe Carnahan's masterpiece, but I don't know... his The A Team was pretty masterpiece-y, too! Debuting at #3 this week is Two For the Money... I mean, One for the Money, the latest Katherine Heigl juggernaut. Apparently, leaving Grey's Anatomy was the best thing to happen to her. It at least got her away from the unseemly advances of now grown-up Patrick Dempsey. She's such a big star now that she won't return Soderbergh's calls! Go figure. The last debut this week is... no, not Phone Booth... no, not this thing... it's the latest Sam Worthington juggernaut, called Man on a Ledge. Almost sounds like the title of a Magritte painting! He's got Mel Gibson's long Lethal Weapon hair, and he's got attitude, but hopefully Sam won't start spouting right wing gibberish any time soon. Gotta be a billionaire for that.

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