Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Short Reviews - December 2011

Whew! Big image. Well, I'm attempting to compensate for another anemic monthly list of films. As everyone knows by now, a person will always cherish the pop culture they're exposed to as a teenager. For me, as with most people my age, having grown up with MTV, we can't help but think that Peter Gabriel's Sledgehammer is the greatest music video ever made. Aside from The Eurhythmics' Missionary Man, it represents the most effort a pop star has put in to one video. I have the feeling that after the first hour, Annie Lennox probably screamed "GET THIS CRAP OFF MY FACE!!! NOW!!!!" Peter himself had a similar moment when they turned his face blue and put clouds on it. And of course, I couldn't just limit myself to that one video. I tried to keep everything in chronological order, but I just want to let the purists out there know up front that I failed. I prefer to think half miserably, but I'll ultimately leave it for you to decide. And keep the Geffen copyright lawyers busy, even though I'm not as bad as YouTube. If there's an artist out there who's advanced the music video arts farther than Peter Gabriel, well... frankly, I don't want to know about it. A toast to my man, P.G.!

Nuts - PONICSAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

RV - Barry Sonnenfeld... CALL YOUR MOTHER!!!!

Young Adult - What can be said? It's not easy being Diablo Cody. I mean, YOU try being Diablo Cody! Even for one day! Egg-zactly. You can't handle it. WTF. Move on dot org. OMGerz.

The Artist - Best movie Gene Kelly never made

Room in Rome - ... HELLO!?? What's that?

Rock of Ages - Tom Cruise rocks the rock opera...
Tyler Perry's Good Deeds - Remake of Seven Pounds, but without the ickiness?

Tyler Perry's The Marriage Counselor - With Kim Kardashian? Now you've REALLY crossed the line, buddy.

Outland - Malcolm in the Middleton

Lego movie? Anyone?

Lego: The Adventures of Clutch Powers - That's it? Paul Michael Glazer? Sheesh...

...then again, there is Creed's "With Arms Wide Open", and that OK Go video. Okay, I stand corrected. Sorry.

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