Saturday, January 28, 2012

VH1 - Behind the Broadcast

That's about as snarky I can get, but what can I say? Movies like The King's Speech bring out the latent Brit in me, as I'm sure it does for the Weinsteins. Everyone's good in it, of course. Tim Burton loaned out Helena Bonham Carter for a few weeks, Colin Firth's speech impediment was convincing, and well... who doesn't love Geoffrey Rush? Seeing as how I just saw Karate Kid for film buffs, Rush makes a fine Miyagi to Firth's Daniel-san. He lost the Oscar to Christian Bale, but came a close second, I'm sure. Director Tom Hooper, hot off the John Adams HBO series, brings similar sensibilities to this tale. There's a bit of a student film feel to the stationary shots, but I guess it's to accentuate the regality of it all. Guy Pearce was just in a film with Adam Sandler, so I couldn't help but think of that when he taunts his brother Colin, and the whole speech impediment thing. I dare say they're trying to get me to feel the Royals' pain!

-so sayeth The Movie Hooligan

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