Sunday, January 01, 2012

New year, same old box office...

Why do I get the feeling that Tom Cruise is buying a whole bunch of tickets himself? Still, god bless him and Brad Bird for the rising of M:I-4 like a phoenix to the top of the box office. Best Christmas movie ever, second only to the director's cut of Bad Santa. Meanwhile, War Horse rises, Tinin sinks a little... I thought Tintin was about a secret unicorn or something. They unwisely clipped the title, in my humble opinion. Gotta have that section after the colon these days if you're doing a sequel, and there are at least two other Tintin films planned, aren't there?! Chipwrecked, A Game of Shadows, Ghost Protocol... just those three.
No new debuts this week, as one would expect. People are still celebrating New Year's with New Year's Eve, and why not. Garry Marshall's still got it, but thematically he's come a long way down from Pretty Woman; again, my humble opinion. The testicular cancer drama The Descendants re-emerges at #10, which I'm pretty sure means Oscar buzz at this point. Another golden statuette for Payne? Why not. Why wait 'til he's so much older? The Darkest Hour is another drama about the time young stars spend in between their big money-making films: a lesson Robert Pattison has learned all too well. Where's the frickin' loyalty? Why do they stay away in droves from your art-house projects? I gotta go... Happy New Year, for those of you who celebrate such things!

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