Sunday, August 26, 2012

Again with the Expendables...

Sly must be proud.  Of course, he'd be prouder if he directed the thing himself.  Guess he's got bigger fish to fry.  The Dark Knight Rises rises from #6 to #5, and several movies hold their numbers: The Campaign stays at #4, and The Bourne Redundancy stays at #2.  The Odd Life of Timothy Green rises from #7 to #6.  So really, it's a bad week to debut a movie.  No one's calling Premium Rush a Quicksilver remake out of respect to David Koepp.  JoGoLev's got TWO movies on the top 10 this week!  Not bad for the guy who was the normal one on 3rd Rock from the Sun.  These days he can afford to stop taking Patricia Arquette's call to do a sequel to Holy Matrimony.  Oh, snap!  Meanwhile, in the midst of a presidential campaign that supposedly has the most dirty money ever, the Right Wing's still not willing to pony up for some decent propaganda, which is why we get things like 2016: Obama's America.  They were lucky to score a review from Variety, however, but I don't think the guy liked it very much!  Obviously, he's in the tank for Obama, as is most of America.

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