Sunday, August 19, 2012

RIP Tony Scott?

Oh, right... the box office roundup.  But before we get to that, reports are coming in that Tony Scott jumped to his death from a bridge in California.  A damn shame.  I thought he was doing well!  Maybe he was working too much or something.  Well, I guess this means his brother Ridley will be going within the next couple of days.  Otherwise it wasn't true love.  Seriously, though, Tony will be missed.  It's still kind of baffling to me.  Also, it hasn't hit the IMDb yet, but his name will be up near the top with his years, of course.  If it's true, then farewell, Tony.  The zoom and telephoto lens industry has lost its greatest champion.
Anyway, back to the box office.  Speaking of high-octane action thrillers, mostly for the guys, The Expendables 2 took the box office this weekend.  Go figure.  It's not even in 3D or anything!.. is it?  The Dark Knight Rises could've taken a page or two from the Expendables' book.  Not as much staying power as the one with the Joker in it, clearly.  The other big debut is ParaNorman, with almost as many product tie-ins as the Expendables.  Action figures, special unique Play-Doh colors, what have you.  And I'm told that Sparkle is a remake of a film from either the 60s or the 70s, the decades that will never die.  And someone named Tom Green... I mean, Tim Green, has apparently had an odd life, so Disney immortalized it through celluloid.

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