Saturday, August 04, 2012

Short Reviews - July 2012

Well, I gotta take a break from Facebook sometimes!

The Enemy Within - Panic, son...

"Kid Nation" (reality show) - How'd that turn out?  Wikipedia?...

The Driver - With Ryan O'Neal as The Driver

Drive - with Ryan Gosling as The Driver

Two-Lane Blacktop - With James Taylor as The Driver

The Transporter - get the idea

Girl (1998) - With Dominique Swain as Rachael Leigh Cook... I thought She's All That came out in 1999!

The Campaign - Well, the punching of a baby was handled about as tastefully as it could be...

Jack Reacher - ...really?

Oblivion - Jack Harper?  Really?

Top Gun 2 - SERIOUSLY?.....

Van Helsing - S E R I O U S l Y?!!!!! 

Valley of the Kings - Move over, Raiders of the Lost Ark!

Machete - No comment

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