Friday, November 09, 2012

11/11/'12... damn. So close.

I suppose the new Bond film's going to dominate the box office this weekend, but I just wanted to give one last visual homage to Wreck it Ralph, and also because it's directed by a Simpsons alum that's not David Silverman!  He's finally sharing with others.  I should probably count Chuck Sheetz and that Recess movie he directed, but... ah, skip it.  They can't all be winners.
...yup, the Bond film.  Go figure.  The cross-marketing with Heineken and some cell phone company worked.  They would all like to remind you to enjoy responsibly, and please don't drunk dial your ex-girlfriend while driving.  In other news, Pitch Perfect rises from the depths and returns to the top 10!  O happy day in the Kendrick household.  Cloud Atlas hangs in there, as do Kevin James' two films.  How's Lincoln going to do against the last Twilight film?  That must be why Spielberg is nervous.  He should've released it before the election, but he wanted to wait til the election is over.  Zemeckis wanted to wait until a few days before the election to release Flight lest the Tea Party hail it as the perfect metaphor for Obama: a coked-up airplane pilot who saves the economy by landing it upside-down... something like that.  Actually, that might have helped the box office returns!... then again, maybe not, seeing as how Clint Eastwood's 2012 fare is long, long gone.  Gone, baby, gone.  It was so two months ago.

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