Saturday, November 03, 2012

Short Reviews - October 2012

Another slim week!  I apologize.

The Girl Next Door (2004) - comedy

The Girl Next Door (2007) - Not so much a comedy

Snow White and the Huntsman - They keep having these Facebook ads lately, saying "Learn how an unknown sold a $3.2 million screenplay!"  Must be Evan Daugherty, because John Lee Hancock's certainly known, as the other guy probably is... Hossein Amini.  Well, he's busy too, anyhow.  Here's a tip: prequels are the new sequels.  Or do like this, and write a variation on an old fairy tale.  Better yet, write a movie about the moon, walk along the craters in the afternoon....................

Hearts in Atlantis - good double bill with Orphans (1987)... or Stand By Me

Wreck-It Ralph - Movie SAT time: Wreck-It Ralph is to video games what Roger Rabbit was to the animated cartoons of the '30s and '40s.

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