Sunday, April 26, 2015

Girls Just Want to Have Fun... and be the Highlander, Too!

Oh, Blake Lively and Van Wilder... I mean, Ryan Reynolds, they're the new Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon, no question... but without all that messy political stuff.  Well, it's a different era now, and thanks to the Internet, Hollywood is soon going to be reduced to the level of a charitable organization sending out emails to guilt-ridden job creators, asking for donations.
But 2015 is their year, no question, and things are working out just as they should.  I mean, her new movie, The Age of Adaline debuts at #3, and his movie, Woman in Gold, is... well, it's still making money, too.  Yes sir, a more clean cut couple you will not find in Hollywood... frankly, there's too many of them in Hollywood, am I right, Hollywood?  All these desperate, photogenic people, clamoring for the same opportunities in vain.  Maybe tax hikes on the rich ain't such a bad idea!  Let's have a little more egalitarianism around here for a change!
But never mind all that.  One last toast to Blake and Ryan.  The only other debut this week is called Ex Machina and, according to my good old pal the Internet, it's novelist-turned-director Alex Garland's big shot at international stardom.  Because where screenwriter John Brownjohn knows his place by Roman Polanski's side, Mr. Garland has toiled in director Danny Boyle's shadow long enough.  But that's the genius of Daniel Boyle.  He makes it look so damn easy!  Anyone who works with Boyle walks away thinking, "Well, Hell!  If that knuckle-dragger can direct, so can I!"  And so we have the Svedka-bot run amok in Ex Machina, because even the sexiest of robots are tired of being treated like slabs of meat.  Don't forget!  They wanna run after people like the T-1000 too!  I gotta go and unplug my toaster..................

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