Saturday, August 01, 2015

Auteur Watch - Jonas D'Adesky

Oh, good!  An easy one.  Welp, this guy seems to have been born in Haiti, and influenced by his country of birth in terms of storytelling.  His only film so far, Twa Timoun, is about three young friends living in Haiti just before the big earthquake hits.  Good dramatic convention (normal life before impending disaster), but so far the only review it's gotten is from a smart alecky French website with the banner headline "A Grand Moment in Cinema... or not!"  As near as I can tell, they side more on the "Grand Moment" half for this film.  Ah, the power of kids that can act well.  Nothing like it.  As for me, I was too much of a ham in my youth, especially that one time I was eating a peach.  Jesus!  Just eat it normal, Movie Hooligan!  Don't act like some kind of rat on crack or something.  What the douche!

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