Sunday, August 23, 2015

Auteur Watch - Mark Daniels... Cathy Danneberg

I can't seem to find Mark Daniels, so let's move on to the next: Cathy Danneberg.  Now I can't vouch for her work, but I will provide some critiques of her IMDb Bio page.  First of all, in an ideal world, you want someone else to write your IMDb Bio page.  Otherwise, the whole enterprise smacks of that nasty thing called "inherent bias."  And second, take a look at some of the greats, and their IMDb Bio pages.  None of them probably mention anything about "strengthening of skills."  Well, except maybe William Friedkin.  He strengthened his directing skills by using a starter pistol to keep the cast and crew lively.  Friggn' lazy unions!  But maybe I'm wrong.  Maybe Cathy Danneberg is the greatest living autodidactic the world has ever seen.  And you have to give her credit, because she's got YouTube savvy.  Take the film she worked on called The Greatest Joke Ever... of course, every joke on YouTube is billed as the greatest joke ever, or the greatest groin injury ever.  Greatest, funniest ever, you've seen the titles.  But even though Cathy exists in her own exceptional universe, there's still the plague of Plagiarism.  I mean, the film 28 Days Later... came out in 2002.  Her film, 28 Days Later: Infection Days... well, it must still be tied up in court, as it seems to have been stricken from her IMDb résumé proper.  Oh well.  Keep your eye on the big war, girlfriend, even if you lose a couple small battles here and there.
...okay, I'll give some credit where credit's due.  The FX in Scout's Dawn are pretty good... well, the nuclear explosion, anywho.  The post-apocalyptic damage looks a little... um... poorly integrated with the rest of the scene, let's say.  You can find it on the YouTubes.

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