Sunday, November 08, 2015


Oh, sorry.  I was just going through some old emails, and I came across this one for "Flickr."  The subject line was something like "It's a Biggr, Wherevr, more Spectaculr Flickr."  And I'm all, like, whatevr.  And you should be too, damn it, because those spelling bees are hard.  And frustrating!  So much psychological damage on the CEOs of tomorrow.  Well, they're getting their revenge in oh so many ways.  Misspelling words is just a dollop of icing on one buffet cupcake to them.
Anyways, it's a boring old box office weekend.  If there's something new under the sun, it's not coming out of Hollywood, and it's probably ecological-disaster-related.  We've got James Bond at #1, and The Peanuts Movie at #2.  For me, Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown is the Peanuts movie, damn it... even though, true, the gang they're racing against, I don't think they were ever seen before or since in the actual comic strip in the paper.  Go figure.  I forget which Pixar-esque studio's responsible for The Peanuts Movie... I heard they did Rio and ... something else.  Did it say Ice Age in the commercial?  Will Scrat make a guest appearance in The Peanuts Movie anyhow?  God, I hope so.  Well, we'll see what happens come Oscar time.  They may not want to give another Oscar to Pixar, but they definitely don't want to give one to the Ice Age people.
As for James Bond, well... all I know is, every last detail will be debated.  And probably complained about.  Oh, it's not like the Sean Connery James Bond, or the Roger Moore James Bond.  And On Her Majesty's Secret Service is the best one of all 24 of them.  Now they're complaining that there's too much CGI in it!  Boy, I tell ya... it's tough being a computer graphics jock these days, always having to reinvent the wheel, having it never look good enough or real enough, or just not un-fake enough.  All I know is, if I ever took a fall through the floor and had to catch myself with my arms and my chest, well, I'd probably be too winded to climb up to safety.  That's why I'm not a secret agent; that and my poor grades in school.
Anyway, those are the two debuts this week.  Looking back on the data, there've been quite a few one week wonders!  Our Brand Is Crisis is already gone, something called Woodlawn and something called Captive are both gone already.  Oh, and that Bob Zemeckis pic, The Walk, is already gone.  Ouch.  Boy, audiences are so fickle.  DO YOU NOT WANT TO BE ENTERTAINED?!!!!  Do you not want to take that trip back to the '70s?  Well, yeah, but why do we have to spend all that time at the top of the Trade Towrs?

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