Sunday, March 13, 2016

Auteur Watch - Masha Dowell

Well, while I'm waiting for my various Facebook games to load... it used to be simple.  They used to load by themselves.  Now I gotta hit the refresh button three, four times?  Ah, technology and its endless forward march.  Also, I'd like to meet the guy who invented that new web feature where a web page finishes loading and the button you're trying to click drops down about an inch, and you end up clicking the awful ad above it.  I'd like to meet that guy face to face and p... ah!  There it goes!  Now, I hate to question the wisdom of the wonderful IMDb, mostly because I myself seem to benefit from it quite a lot, but when you get someone like Masha Dowell who's done a lot of TV, there's just not enough information available there.  Now I gotta go to Lycos like some kind of Third World case.  I've never heard of that famous TV show called "The Commuters" and I don't know what channel it was on!  I go to Yahoo and... THE IMDb PAGE IS THE FIRST TO COME UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! apologies.  I mean "The Telecommuters."
But thanks, again to modern technology, Dear Marcus Luke is available on YouTube... now, I've been burned before by these things, so I tried listening to just the audio while tinkering with my Facebook games... yup, it's amateur night.  Clunky story, clunky acting... I can't take it anymore.

Please visit the official Facebook page of "The Telecommuters."

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