Sunday, March 06, 2016

Drumpf with Power

We've got four debuts this week.  First, of course, is the latest Pixar juggernaut called... whatever.  But Disney will keep a copy of The Good Dinosaur the next time Lasseter and company try to throw their weight around and strike out on their own.  You know, like George Lucas!
Meanwhile, in Gerard Butler news, the kick-ass Gerard Butler of something called London Has Fallen is kicking the ass of the Gods of Egypt Gerard Butler.  As usual, the latest and greatest, or the London Has Fallen Gerard Butler, has the advantage of being new and all that... but something tells me that they're both going to eventually sink like a stone.
And in Tina Fey news, she still struggles to find a part worthy of her talent... at least, to get a #1 hit at the Box Office.  Whiskey Tango Foxtrot did almost as well as last year's buddy comedy Sisters, but it's still a disappointment.  Time for a 30 Rock prequel, a la Better Call Saul?  I think so.  Maybe via Netflix or something.
And finally, it's been out three weeks, but something called The VVitch debuted strong at #10... well, strong for a movie no one's heard of, anywho.  Of course, the IMDb's not totally on board.  It's spelled The Witch on its official IMDb page!  So which is it?  Is it Witch, or VVitch?  Someone ought to petition Congrefs or something like that.  An organization that can get something done, damn it.

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