Friday, March 25, 2016

Ballistic: Artie vs. Larry

Sadly, Garry Shandling passed suddenly this week, but rather than take a still from his big death scene in Mixed Nuts, I decided instead to take a still from this one moment I got hooked on from an episode of The Larry Sanders Show called "The List."  Some people call The Larry Sanders Show great satire, but the more I think about it, the more it just seemed to be Shandling's life... albeit with more awkward moments in it.
Anyway, on with the news.  How much did Batman v. Superman make this weekend?  Betcha it didn't even begin to recoup cost!

(Sunday... okay, Monday)  Welp, despite all the bad reviews, and despite director Zack Snyder's other films like 300, Watchmen and Sucker Punch, he gets to be part of the DC universe, a feat that even Michael Bay couldn't pull off.  Guess South Park should start making fun of a different director for a change!  Yes, as expected, mostly because of the other tie-ins with car companies and... Turkish Airlines?  Really?  Seriously? ... the legal case of Batman v. Superman hit #1 with a box office bullet.  170 million clams is a lot for a film to make... but it'll probably be a while before the latest Star Wars record gets beat.  What was it, 250 million or so?
And yet, like Star Wars, this latest superhero blockbuster didn't block off all the light.  Some other saplings had their debut in the big shadow cast by Superman and Batman getting all hot and heavy and going into it... something like that.  Another sequel of sorts debuted pretty strong, and it's called My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2.  Whew!  Wotta mouthful.  How does that get abbreviated by the average ticketgoer?  I'm thinking "One for 'Greek Wedding,' please."  Something like that.

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