Sunday, September 25, 2016

Pratt, Back to Pratt, Pratt Again...

...let's see if anyone gets the reference... and WITHOUT Googling it!  That'll be the tough one.
But this is what Hollywood's all about, right there.  Bringing people together.  And were it ten years earlier, we might have seen a Magnificent Seven reboot starring Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn, Will Ferrell, Steve Carell and... a couple others, I guess.  But it does appear that Denzel's all-too-brief bromance with fellow alpha dog Marky Mark Wahlburgers is over.  You always think when two titans of screen and tabloid get together like that, that they're going to do three pics together.  Oh well, can't have it all.
Boy, what a depressing weekend.  All the debuts from last week, Bridget Jones's Baby, Snowden and Blair Witch (2016) all have a two week total of about 16 million each!  Sure, it's more money than you or I will ever have in our bank accounts, but by Hollywood standards?  Bad.  Very, very bad.  Disappointing for a third installment of a somewhat beloved franchise, a reboot, and a movie about a very controversial figure.  I guess Millennials respond to controversy much different than you or I as well.
The only other debut this week is something called Storks.  I don't watch "Brooklyn Nine Nine" regularly so I probably missed the majority of the ads for it.  It would appear that, much like Seth Rogen is getting into the Pixar game with his little R-rated effort, so too is Apatow peripheral figure Nicholas Stoller.  While he's not ready to make an R-rated Pixar movie yet... sorry, I've got no second part for that.  No, the production cost of Pixar knock-offs hasn't yet sufficiently dropped yet to risk an R rating or beyond.  So the only thing left to wonder about is who's the production company?  Is it Blue Sky?  Big Idea?  That ragtag group of IT people who did all those MoCap pics for Zemeckis in the 2000s?  No, apparently it's just Warner Bros.  They're a long way from painting on cels, to be sure.

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