Sunday, September 04, 2016

Short Reviews - September 2016

Wow... I plum near forgot about this feature that I do!  I was going to do a theme this month... can't remember what, though

Roxanne - Steve Martin at 42 years old, taking on name-calling bullies.  For some reason, I can't take it anymore.

Message in a Bottle - This was just before the scourge of Nicholas Sparks struck down Hollywood

Bombs Away(!) - I may be the only one in the world who's actually seen this movie.  I doubt either Pat McCormick or the director have.

Ghost in the Machine - remake of Pulse ...oh, wait.  That's the album name... hey, check it out!  Vin Diesel!

Hungry for You - Um... let's skip this one

Demolition Man - Another tub of crap for Rob Schneider, please

Mother - ...oh, wait.  That was Andy Summers' baby

Murder by Numbers - AGAIN with Sandra Bullock!  What gives?

An Englishman in New York - Good double bill with Love and Death on Long Island

A Murder of Crows - Love the poster... BEST. CONJOINED. TWINS. EVER.

"Mad About You" - Hard to believe it's gone... it was kinda never here to begin with, in a way

Something Wicked This Way Comes - The tarantula wranglers still talk about the legendary status of this one

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