Sunday, November 13, 2016

Auteur Watch - Rodney Evans God!  This guy's the Highlander, isn't he?  I mean, check out that C.V.  Twenty years in the director's chair, and he's as good as ever.  His first was the 1996 documentary called The Unveiling and... why do I get the feeling that Dixie is his mom?  You know, same last name and what not...
But it wasn't until 2004 that Rodney would get the film synonymous with his name, and it's called Brother to Brother.  By which I mean, ... whew!  Found it.  Boy, when you multitask as I do, the ol' short term memory gets overtaxed.  So, check out this YouTube trailer for Rodney Evans' The Happy Sad, and note the description which says "A romantic drama directed by Rodney Evans (Brother to Brother)"  SEE?!!!!  I'm not totally crazy... not yet, anywho.
And so, it seems that Brother to Brother is still the alpha in Evans' burgeoning résumé, and for two big reasons.  One, Anthony Mackie, and his involvement thereof, and two, check out this half-glowing "The Onion" review.  Now sure, they complain that, as with Spike Lee's She Hate Me, the film traffics in broad stereotypes and characters with one annoying attribute in the face of complex social issues, but... hey, it kinda worked, right?  It got the review, didn't it?  And Anthony Mackie's a big star now, right right?  Rodney Evans, call him.  Don't be too proud.

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