Sunday, November 27, 2016

Auteur Watch - Kevin Jerome Everson

Ah hah!  Good strategy.  Mr. Everson is one of these people that has a long résumé thanks to short films.  Lots and lots of short films.  He appeals to the science and or "Breaking Bad" fans with titles like Fe26 (and rather especially so with that one, as it's one of his IMDb Top 4), Sugarcoated Arsenic, Quality Control, Cinnamon... and of course, giving a nod to the Hollywood of old with titles like Pictures from Dorothy, The Golden Age of Fish and Rhinoceros... not the 1974 feature with Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder, naturally.  Admittedly, we could use a new one.
So the only question is: does this guy have a YouTube channel?  Well, a perfunctory search doesn't turn one up right away.  Oh, but he's all over it, big time.  He's on YouTube like a bitch.  Bigly... damn, sorry about that.  Still trying to cut down.  Anyway, given Kevin's predilection for travelling the world in search of subjects that would look good in 16mm, I wonder what would happen if he got together with Jason Mann, who did similar world travels before hitting box office gold with HBO.  Will the global community ever be the same?

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