Sunday, November 20, 2016

Auteur Watch - Scott F. Evans

While he tries to avoid the obvious choice of playing the lead in The Van Jones Story, this master of all Hollywood trades just has to keep right on keepin' on, as the old phrase of yesteryear goes.  But his track record so far's not too shabby!  At least, compared to some of the auteurs I've profiled lately.
His alpha offering is called Big Bag of $.  But don't you DARE call it any type of sploitation cinema, my friends!  Oh, it's much deeper than that.  So much deeper that than... than that.  Sure, some of the reviews, Variety, Hollywood Reporter, they thought they were being so clever and tragically hip by using "Big Bag of $#!t" as their headline, but... oh, there aren't any actual reviews yet.  But you can watch it here on YouTube for free!  That's... that's good, right?
Then there's another crime heist caper type deal called The Turn, which seems to be a poker term.  I forget which one.  Personally, I thought Shade was the be-all end-all of poker films (best Slow Rolls ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!), but maybe it's time to rethink that Takeaway Teachable Moment. (copyright owned by Microsoft)

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