Sunday, May 14, 2017

Auteur Watch - Morgan Freeman

...oh, no.  Not that one, this other one.  Like many of you, Morgan J. Freeman first popped up on my film radar with two films: Hurricane Streets and... the other one.  I guess it was Desert Blue.  Pretty sure it wasn't either Boom or Banking on Broadway.  No, there was a big-ass ad campaign involved with both, and in all the right places, of course.  Probably on MTV.  Which left us all asking, who is this brash new voice, this new writer-director that will take Hollywood, young and old, by storm?  And is he actually related to Easy Reader, or is that just a happy coincidence?  At some point, you do have to take that into consideration in Hollywood.  Pick your friends carefully.  Of course, now that James Gunn is an A-lister, Lloyd Kaufman's probably a lot harder to get a hold of these days.  I mean, for God's sake!  No cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2?  Been there done that already?
Okay, so we've got two films, and therefore the making of a vector.  I'll leave it up to you when considering which one is the vector's base and which gives the vector its direction where it's pointing.  So what's been happening lately?  Well, according to this review of 2009's Homecoming... not good, at least from a critical point of view.  But from a Hollywood point of view... not bad!  I mean, people like Mischa Barton, right?  She might not have 'it', but she's got something.  Hollywood may want to consign her to mom roles already, but she's just not ready for that yet.  She's just not.
  And then of course, there's that whole American Psycho 2 thing... forgive me, I mean "American Psycho 2."  William Shatner?  Mila Kunis?  Sometimes you just don't need to see it to know what you're in for.  But here's the Onion review anyway.  As with Morgan J. Freeman's name, sometimes you just have to try hitching your coattails to a known quantity anyway, and hope that they both end up together as a shrink-wrapped package at Costco.  That's more likely than, say, the Henry franchise or the Hidden franchise.  Something beginning with H.
And so, the vector at the beginning isn't always able to predict the total path.  As it happens, Freeman is actually a triple threat, not just the writing and directing double.  Producing is also there in the mix!  I mean, who these days doesn't want a "P.G.A." after their name in Hollywood?  Why, that's practically a Ph.D.!  Now, I'm only guessing as to Freeman's tenuous relationship with MTV, but his production credits make it all too clear, with titles under his belt like "16 and Pregnant," "Teen Mom" and "Teen Mom 2."  And "Taking the Stage," which, based on the title alone, isn't necessarily driving towards the intersection of Statutory and Rape.

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