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Short Reviews - January 2018

"A 2nd Chance" - With Frank Starkenberg as Frank

Acqua In Bocca - Con Frank Piazza come Frank

"The Adventures of Lano & Woodley" - With Frank Woodley as Frank (13 episodes)

"The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok" "Sundown Valley" - With Frank Christi as Frank

Africa Shakes - With Frank Fenter as Frank

Aiden - With Frank Otis as Frank

AIDS: The Coming Danger - With Frank Garbo as Frank

Albany Street - With Frank Brescia as Frank

"Alice" "Mel Spins his Wheels" - With Frank Schuller as Frank

"All My Children" "Episode #1.12" - With Frank Moran as Frank

The Amateur... or, Revenge of the Quadricorn - With Frank Divanna as Frank

Amberes - With Frank Merkx as Frank

American Grandmaster: The Life and Death of Mr. Parker - With Frank Trejo as Frank

Amor ou Ódio - With Frank Moreira as Frank

Angels Hard as They Come - With Frank Charolla as Frank

Anna - With Frank Jicha as Frank

The Appointment - With Frank Rogers as Frank

"Armchair Theatre" "Always Something Hot" - With Frank Thornton as Frank

"Arty Farty" - With Frank Stead as Frank (2 episodes)

At Ellen's Age - Mitt Frank de Witt als Frank

Baby Let Your Hair Hang Down - With Frank Sobrio as Frank

Backed Up - With Frank Rosenberg as Frank

"The Bakery" - With Frank Buxton as Frank

"Baretta" "The Mansion" - With Frank Christi as Frank

Battle - With Frank Williams as Frank

"Baywatch" "Forbidden Paradise: Part 1" - With Frank Moran as Frank

"Baywatch: Forbidden Paradise" - With Frank Moran as Frank

Beautiful Joe - With Frank C. Turner as Frank

The Better Half - With Frank Velasco as Frank

"Beyond the Bermuda Triangle" - With Frank Schuller as Frank

Black & White - With Frank Adonis as Frank

Blue Streak - With Frank Medrano as Frank

Boogievision - With Frank Millen as Frank

"(The) Boys From the Bush" "Mateship" - With Frank Bren as Frank

Break - With Frank Krueger as Freddy Frank

"The Bride of Frank" - With Frank Meyer as Frank... also with Charley Wolinsky as Young Frank

"Bunch of Five" "Blue Heaven" - With Frank Skinner as Frank

Bungalow - Mitt Frank Breitenreiter als Frank

Caitlyn Plays Herself - With Frank V. Ross as Frank

The Cake Maker - With Frank Scantori as Frank

Cass - With Frank Bruno as Frank

Chained for Life - With Frank Mosley as Frank

Changing Face of Harlem - With Frank Anderson as Frank

"The Channel X News Team & The Battle for the Future" "The Origin" - With Frank Coralluzzo as Frank

Chicago After Midnight - With Frank Mills as Frank

"CHiPs" - With Frank Farmer as Frank (2 episodes)

Closing Numbers - With Frank Mills as Frank

Closing Time - With Frank Kasy as Frank

Corn Chip Feet - With Frank Halbiger as Frank

"Cracked" - With Frank Gallagher as Frank (6 episodes)

"Crime Strike" "Pool Party Pandemonium" - With Frank Krueger as Frank

"Crossing the Mob" - With Frank Sivero as Frank

The Crossroads of Fate - With Frank Lambert as Frank

Cruce - With Frank Mendez as Frank

"Customer Diss-Service" - With Frank Noon as Frank (17 episodes)

Danny Boy - With Frank Schiellerup as Frank

Daredevils of the Clouds - With Frank Melton as Frank

Dead End - With Frank Maier as Frank

Dead Man's Hand - With Frank Dudley as Frank

Deal - With Frank Sheppard as Frank

The Definition of Insanity - With Frank Krias as Frank... also featuring Robert Nassau as Frank Matter.  Co-written and co-directed by Frank Matter.  Sorry... just felt the need to point all that other stuff out for some reason.

Diaries - With Frank Juchniewicz as Frank

Die Wolken - Mitt Frank Arend als Frank

"The Diner" - With Frank Gachelin as Frank

Distant Light - With Frank Wong as Frank

Do Laugh - With Frank Gangarossa as Frank

Donovan Slacks - With Frank Tucker as Frank

"Dragnet" "Housewife Hustler" - With Frank Fowler as Frank

Ella - With Frank Califano as Frank

"Emergency!" "An Ounce of Prevention" - With Frank Farmer as Frank

En kveld på Bodils - Wik Frank Dåbu as Frank and a Moose ... Yumpin' Yiminy!

Events - With Frank Cavestani as Frank

"Every Second Counts" - With Frank Cassini as Frank

Evil Deeds 2 - With Frank Merlino as Frank

"Familie" - Avec Frank Coosemans son Frank (5 episodes)

Fearing Aid - With Frank Vohs as Frank

Fire Island Fever - With Frank Schmitt as Frank (non-sexual role) .................. ............

Fish Bait: The Movie - With Frank Murphy as Frank

Flaugstad - Wik Frank Dåbu as Frank and a Moose ... Yumpin' Yiminy!

Flowers for the Man in the Moon - Mitt Frank Mettchen als Frank

For Those We Love - With Frank Campeau as Frank

"Fortune Teller" - With Frank Erdman as Frank

Fourhand - With Frank Lévy as Frank

Frank - With Frank Handman as Frank

Frank's Dream - With Frank Stead as Frank

Frank's Nightmare - With Frank Moore as Frank

"Frank's Song" - With Frank Pinocchio as Frank

A Friend in Need - With Frank Borzage as Frank

Full of Regret - With Frank Drank as Frank ... this just might be my new favourite!

The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini - With Frank Alesia as Frank

Ghostbite - Avec Frank Bosson son Frank

Give Frank a Break - With Frank Woodley as Frank... and with just Frank in the cast, hmm!  Must be quite a break!

Gloria - With Frank Budelman as Frank

Go With Le Flo - With Frank Kallinowski as Frank

Going Nowhere - With Frank Thomas as Frank

Guns of the Trees - With Frank Kuenstler as Frank

Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench - With Frank Garvin as Male Prostitute Frank

Had Enough - With Frank Drank as Frank

Haneda hatsu 7 ji 50 pun - With Frank Nagai as Frank

Hard Drive - With Frank Ornowski as Frank

Hard Luck Bill - With Frank Tempest as Frank

Harley - With Frank Kuntz as Frank... also with Frank Kuntz Sr. as Hungarian Truck Driver.  Also, careful how you pronounce the name.

"Heartbeat" - With Frank Lauder as Frank (2 episodes)

Heat Lightning - With Frank McHugh as Frank

Hello Au Revoir - With Frank Fazio as Frank... also with Lampros Kalfuntzos as Frank.  Also with Jean-Pierre Yerma as Frank!!  ALSO with Nick Dispensa as Frank the A.D. !!!!!!  And to a lesser extent, with Daniel Keen as Frankie.  Also with Frankie Mileto as Frankie!!!  Also with Frankie Storm!  This is the greatest film ever.  I can probably retire now.

High Lonesome - With Frank Cordell as Frank

High Times Potluck - With Frank Adonis as Frank

Higher and Higher - With Frank Sinatra as Frank

"Highway Patrol" "Trojan Horse" - With Frank Marlowe as Frank

Hollywood Varieties - With Frank Rio as Frank

Home Sweet Home - With Frank Randle as Frank

How to Get a Date - With Frank Carrijo as Frank

"How to Not" "How to Not: Give Up" - With Frank D'Arrigo as Frank.  Also with Frank D'Arrigo Jr. as Frank Jr.

I Love You, I Love You Not - With Frank Millen as Frank

I Think Bad Thoughts - With Frank Drank as Frank

I.Q. - With Frank Whaley as Frank

Inside Fighter - With Frank lo Porto as Frank

The Interval - With Frank Williams as Frank

Italian Stallion - With Frank Micelli as Frank

Ivan Shade, Undead P. I. - With Frank Nicosia as Frank

Jews N the Hood - With Frank Goldstein as Frank... also with Ben Goldstein as Frank.  Wonder if they're related.  Hmmm.....................

Jogger's Road - With Frank Tedesco as Frank

Jugular Wine: A Vampire Odyssey - With Frank Miller as Frank

"Julie Lescaut" "Contre la Montre" - Avec Frank Geney son Frank

Junkie Heaven - With Frank Fileti as Frank

Keep 'Em Slugging - With Frank Albertson as Frank

Kiriko No Tango - With Frank Nagai as Frank

The Kitchen - With Frank Pettitt as Frank

"Klasgeheimen" "Episode #2.7" - Mitt Frank Molnar als Frank

"Klovn" - Med Frank Hvam som Frank (60 episodes)

Klown - Med Frank Hvam som Frank

L. A. Streetfighters - With Frank Marmolejo as Frank

L'Ariamara - With Frank Gigante as Frank

"La Femme Nikita" "Not Was" - With Frank Bishun as Frank

The Labyrinth & The Long Road - With Frank Genniro as Frank

"Lano & Woodley: Goodbye" - With Frank Woodley as Frank

"Lano & Woodley: The Island" - With Frank Woodley as Frank

Last Day - With Frank Nickel as Frank

The Last Stop Café - With Frank Sharp as Frank

Leave It to Beaver - With Frank Bank as Frank

The Legacy - With Frank Whitaker as Frank

Lethal Weapon Cowboy - With ... yup, you guessed it... Frank Stallone as Frank

The Lights of Benjela - With Frank Joseph as Frank... also with Arnaldo Santos as Parceiro de Frank

"Likely Stories, Vol. 2" - With Frank Sivero as Frank

Lions' Den - With Frank Mosley as Frank... incidentally, for those of you who are keeping score of such things, as well you should... this is another one of those films with a small cast, and everyone plays a character that has the same first name.  100%.  Who knows?  Maybe it's a documentary actually!

"Little Mosque on the Prairie" "Rules R Rules" - With Frank Deluca as Frank

Lowball - With Frank Toscano as Frank

Lucky Dip - With Frank Boyce as Frank

"M54 Epidemic" - With Frank Hernandez as Frank

Ma!  He's Making Eyes at Me - With Frank Mitchell as Frank

Maca - With Frank Emeka as Frank

The MacGruffin - With Frank Gonzalez as Frank

Made in Dagenham - With Frank Baker as Frank

"Make Room for Daddy" "Danny and the Little Men" - With Frank Delfino as Frank

Mala Noche - With Frank Euward as Frank

Mamma's Heart - With Frank Gigante as Frank

Mammy's Rose - With Frank Borzage as Frank

"Man Life Crisis" - With Frank Pesce as Frank (5 episodes).  Also with James Zimbardi as James... Young Frank (5 episodes)

The Mandala Maker - With Frank D'Amato as Frank

The Marine - With Frank Carlopio as Frank

The Master - With Frank Bettag as Frank

"Matrioshki" "Episode #2.4" - With Frank Lammers as Frank

Maybe I'm Fine - With Frank Diaz as Frank

Melocotones - With Frank Perozo as Frank

Metropole - With Frank Mazzeo as Frank

Miami Vice Los Angeles - With Frank Tesoro as Frank

Montreal Main - With Frank Vitale as Frank

Movie-Town - With Frank Eastman as Frank

"My New Best Friend" - With Frank Rincon as Frank

"Mystery Science Theater 3000" - With Frank Conniff as Frank (37 episodes, the rest as "TV's Frank")

National Treasure: Book of Secrets - With Frank Herzog as Frank

Never Hesitate - With Frank Szabados as Frank

"The NEW Mike Hammer" "A Face in the Night" - With Frank Collison as Washington Bartholomew Hogwallop Amor(e) Fidelis Frank

"The New Neighborhood" "Bagels on Me" - With Frank Ritorto as Frank

Night Magic - With Frank Augustyn as Frank... also with James Zeller as Frank (voice).  And, uh... co-written by Leonard Cohen!  No external reviews?  Will no one step up and post a review of this titled "When Good Celebrities Make Terrible Movies" or "Reason #15 why Leonard Cohen Isn't As Loved and As Celebrated As Bob Dylan: 1985's Night Magic"

The Nightingale - With Frank Dudley as Frank

"The Nobody's Watching Show" "Episode #1.1" - With Frank Toner as Frank

Oasis - With Frank Munoz as Frank

"Open Huis in Sesamstraat" - Med Frank Groothof som Frank

Opname AKA In For Treatment - Med Frank Groothof som Frank

Orson West - With Frank Feys as Frank

The Overlookers - With Frank Bianco as Frank

"Packet of Three" "Episode #1.1" - With Frank Skinner as Frank

"Packing Them In" - With Frank Skinner as Frank (2 episodes)

Pals of the Saddle - With Frank Milan as Frank

"Paradise Drive" "The Brokedback Episode" - With Frank Maharajh as Frank

Party Girl - With Frank Seales as Frank

Paulo Coelho's Best Story - With Frank Rogalla as Frank

Petite Blanche - Avec Frank Verdejo son Frank

The Pink Conspiracy - With Frank Krueger as Frank

"Plattenküche" - Mitt Frank Zander als Frank (17 episoden)

"The Playroom" - With Frank Humphries as Frank

"Police Story" "Eamon Kinsella Royce" - With Frank Pesce as Frank

Portal: The Movie - With Frank Mastrangelo as Frank.  Also with Tom Parr as Big Frank.

Pushed to the Limit - With Frank Trejo as Frank

"Quico" "Conte de Nadal" - With Frank Capdet as Frank

The Raft: La Balsa - With Frank Spano as Frank

"Rain" - With Frank Rosati as Frank (9 episodes... well, 5 as Frank, 4 as "TV Guy")... okay, okay.  Also with James Petrozzo as Frank (1 episode)

"Rescue 8" "Fools [sic] Gold" - With Frank Dana as Frank

The Restaurant - With Frank Santorelli as Frank

Restless - With Frank Etxaniz as Frank

Retrocausal - With Frank Schuler as Frank

Roar - With Frank Tom as Frank

Robot & Frank - With Frank Langella as Frank

Rodeo Day - With Frank Luther as Frank

Román Boxera - With Frank Rose-Ruzicka as Frank... also with J. Fiser as Little Frank

"Roommates" "Five Guys and a Dog" - With Frank Jones as Frank

Rub Out - With Frank Hundley as Frank

Runaway Dream - With Frank Dennis as Frank

Sa Mère - Avec Frank Christian Marx son Frank

Sangria - With Frank Ludwig as Frank

"Scare" - With Frank Ingargiola as Frank (15 episodes)

Second Best - With Frank McCombs as Frank

Secret Hiding Place - With Frank Campbell as Frank

A Sedução do Garimpo - With Frank Mazzone as Frank

Sense of Need - With Frank Ditto as Frank

Seven in the Sun - With Frank Latimore as Frank

Shadow Run - With Frank Jarvey as Frank

Shake, Rattle & Rock! - With Frank Jenks as Frank

"Shannon's Deal" - With Frank Sivero as Frank

Shock Television - With Frank Medrano as Frank

Short Fuse - With Frank Acosta as Frank

"Shower of Stars" "Jack Benny Celebrates His 40th Birthday" - With Frank Nelson AND Frank Parker as Frank... also with Frank Remley as Frankie.  But why gild the lily?

"Softly Softly: Task Force" "The Hermit" - With Frank Singuineau as Frank

"Soldier Soldier" "Love Not Money" - With Frank Coda as Frank

"Someone Was Watching" - With Frank Gerrish as Frank

South Loop - Oh no!  They killed Kenny... I mean, with Frank Platis as Frank

"Spectrum of Fear: Ninja Cartel" - With Frank Grimaldi as Frank

Stars on Parade - With Frank Hubert as Frank

Stateless - With Frank Hooker as Frank

Steel Crossings - With Frank Anello as Frank

The Stick - With Frank Opperman as Frank

"Stolen: One Husband" - With Frank Reilly as Frank

Storming the Trenches - With Frank Butterworth as Frank

"Street Legal" "A Matter of Honour" - With Frank Pellegrino as Frank

A Streit - With Frank Cadillac as Frank

"Sullivan & Son" "Lyle & Son" - With Frank Kramer as Sanford Frank.  Also with Frank Kramer as Frank.

Sunnyside - With Frank Palermo as Frank

Taffin - With Frank O'Sullivan as Frank

"Tales From the Dark" "Number Nine" - With Frank Socci as Frank

"Tales of Tomorrow" "Discovered Heart" - With Frank Milan as Frank

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby - With Frank Hoyt Taylor as Frank

Taxi nach Cairo - Mitt Frank Ripploh als Frank

Teenage Graffiti - With Frank Roberts as Frank

Tell - With Frank Drank as Frank

The Tenement - With Frank Catalanotto as Frank

This Is Not an Exit - With Frank Hruby as Frank

Tilt - With Frank Hozi as Frank

A Tiro Limpio - With Frank Perozo as Frank

"Top of the Heap" "The Marrying Guy" - With Frank Lloyd as Frank

Torment - With Frank Merlino as Frank

Transit - Avec Frank Baylis son Frank

"True Story" "Episode Dated 11 January 1958" - With Frank Overton as Frank

"The Twilight Zone" "The Dummy" - With Frank Sutton as Frank

Two of a Kind - With Frank Murphy as Frank

The Ultimate Ultimate - With Frank Aguirre as Wrath of God Frank

Upside Down - With Frank Gugliotta as Frank

Varroa - With Frank Hoyt Taylor as Frank

"Village Hall" "Old Scores" - With Frank Mills as Frank

"Webseries: The Webseries" - With Frank Harts as Frank

Westfjord - With Frank Zanghini as Gunslinger Frank

What About American History - With Frank Merkx as Frank

When You Come Home - With Frank Randle as Frank

Where's Angelo? - With Frank Pesce as Frank

Whiskey Tango Forest - With Frank Fu as Frank

White Lines - With Frank Williams as Frank

Winery - With Frank Borcich as Frank

The Wise Kids - With Frank Stennett as Frank

"Woodley" - With Frank Woodley as Frank (8 episodes)

World of Death - With Frank Friedl as Frank... okay, I'm a little curious.  There's no running time, but they call this a "short."  My question is: what kind of short film has FORTY-FIVE DIRECTORS???!!!!!!!!!

The Young Sleuths - With Frank Butterworth as Frank

"Zombie Night" - With Frank Nardi as Frank

...holy crap!  This category ran out!  Doesn't usually happen before the month's out.  Plan B time...

"Average Joe" "The Birthday Blow-Out" - With Franklin Ruehl as Frank

Daddy's Girl - With Artus Frank as Frank

End of the Harvest - With Franklin Neely as Frank

Guiltrip - With Frankie McCafferty as Frank

Home - With Edward Franklin as Frank

"Hotel Erotica Cabo" "Last Tango in Cabo" - With Noah Frank as Frank

Jacob - With Scott Frank as Frank

"The Link Men" "The Quiet One" - With Frankie Davidson as Frank

Little Brother is Watching You - With Johannes Franke as Frank

"New York Undercover" - With Robinson Frank Adu as Frank (2 episodes)

"No Place Like Home" - With Frankie Guadagni as Frank

Paranoïde: een Bezwering - Mitt Franky Van Dorst als Frank

Road to Yesterday - With Lord Frank as Frank

"Royal Pains" "Can of Worms" - With Franklin Ojeda Smith as Frank

Sexually Frank - With Frankie Frain as Frank.  Also with Adam Karofsky as Young Frank... Age 9.  Also with Jacob Moon as Young Frank... 13.

"The $#!t" "Ted's juleball" - With Frank-Thore Nilssen as Frank

Su Majestad La Risa - With Francisco Díaz 'Frank' as Frank

Sunny Side Up - With Craig Frank as Frank

"Tim and Eric's Bedtime Stories" "Angel Boy" - With Frankie Aragon as Frank

"Trip" - With Franklin Summers as Frank

'Voyeur' - With Robert Frank Telfer as Frank

Waiting for the Sun - With Frankie Delanore as Frank

Wingman - With Ajaye Franklin as Frank

The Wrong Guys - With Franklyn Ajaye as Franklyn


3rd Shift: Michael's Lament - With Franz Strassmann as Frank

Amateur - Mitt Avec Franck Lorrain als son Frank

Atrás Hay Relámpagos - With Francisco Matamoros as Frank

Bros. - With Franco Lipari as Frank.  Also with Margaret Ball as Frank's Mom.

The Call of the Waves - With Francis Ford as Frank

The Client - With Frans de Vocht as Frank - With François St-Maurice as Frank (34 episodes)

My Guys - With Francois Bryon as Frank

No Love for Johnnie - With Derek Francis as Frank

One Night Stand - With Juan Francisco Villa as Frank

Drinking Buddies - With Frank V. Ross as Frank

Hide - With Frank W. Dice III as Frank

Town Business - With Frank H. Cutler as Frank

What Do Men Want? - With J. Frank Glendon as Frank

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