Sunday, April 01, 2018

Short Reviews - April 2018

Speaking of April Fools, I gotta make sure I pay my respects to any and all the Star Wars-related titles...

"Mad" George Washington: Cherry Tree Chopper/Star Wars Earn Stripes - With Kevin Shinick as Benjamin Franklin / Captain Hook / Kid with Shellmet (voice).

Star Wars: Paths to Rebellion - With Durac as Frank Ugochukwu.

Star Wars: Slight Ticket Malfunction - With Amy Baklini as Frankie.

"Welcome to the Basement" "Star Wars, Buster Keaton, Dinosaur" - With William Hurt as Inspector Frank Bumstead (archive footage).

...okay, on to the rest of the 'Frank'-related titles

"La cour des grands" - With Frédéric Amico as Frank AA.  Also with Françoise Michaud as Avocat Valette (2 episodes).  Also with Franck Libert as Echographiste and Simon.  Also with Franckie Charras as Patron Bar and Patron Bar 1.  Also with Francesca Faiella as Ariana Reno.  Also with Franck Monsigny as Caissier supérette.  Also with François Bureloup as Patrick Roussin.  Also with Benjamin Baroche as Francois Delorme.  Also with Bernard Llopis as Francis.  Assistant Decorator (6 Episodes, 2008): Jean-François Buson.  First Assistant Decorator (6 Episodes, 2010): Rouches Frank.  Second Assistant Decorator / Second Assistant Art Director (6 Episodes, 2010): Franck Pompier.  Electrician (18 Episodes, 2008-2010): François Amadei.  Camera Operator (6 Episodes, 2010): Franck Séchan.  Location Manager (12 Episodes, 2009-2010): François La Rocca.  Press Attache: France 2 (6 Episodes, 2009): Nathalie Rouanet.

"Condor" - With Gabriel Hogan as Boyd Francis (4 Episodes).  Also with Billy Otis as Frank AA Speaker.  Co-executive Producer (10 Episodes, 2018): Frank Siracusa.  Dit (1 Episode): Francesco Marotta.  Grip (1 Episode): Marco Mastrofrancesco.

Body Armour - With Louis Decosta Johnson as Franklin Aames.  Also with Frank Feys as Special Agent #2.  Stunts: Santi Franco.

"20 to 1" Hoaxes, Cheats and Liars - With Frank Abagnale Jr. as Himself (archive footage).  Also with Leonardo DiCaprio as Frank Abagnale Jr. (archive footage).  Also with Frank Farian as Himself (archive footage).  Also with Franklin Dennis Jones as Earl Bradford (archive footage).

Catch Me If You Can - With Leonardo DiCaprio as Frank Abagnale Jr..  Also with Christopher Walken as Frank Abagnale (Sr.).  Also with Frank John Hughes as Tom Fox.  Also with Frank Abagnale Jr. as French Policeman (as Frank W. Abagnale).  Also with Jean-François Blanchard as French Police Captain.  Also with Jean-François Brousseau as Choir.  Also with Francis Campeau as Choir.  Writing Credits (book) (as Frank W. Abagnale) And (with Stan Redding): Frank Abagnale Jr..  Art Department Coordinator: Francine Byrne.  Stunts: Frank Ferrara.  Stunt Double: Frank Abagnale Jr. (uncredited): Trevor Fraker.  Grip: Jamie Franta.  Electrician (uncredited): François Legris.  Costumer: Anthony Franco.  Transportation Department: Frank Abagnale Jr..  Consultant (as Frank W. Abagnale): Frank Abagnale Jr..  Production Assistant (uncredited): Frank Slaten.

"Sendung ohne Namen" Wie wenig überraschend Fernsehen sein kann. - Mit Leonardo DiCaprio als Frank Abagnale Jr. (archivmaterial).

"A Man Called Shenandoah" "The Locket" - With Chris Alcaide as Frank Abbott

"Boney" "Boney Buys a Coffin"- With Rod Mullinar as Frank Abbott

"T.J. Hooker" "The Trial" - With Lee de Broux as Frank Abbott.  Also with Frank Farmer as Capt. Daniels.

Grange Hill - With Mark Lewis as Frankie Abbott (16 Episodes)

"Break Point" - With Jeremy Burnham as Frank Abbott (6 episodes)

"Mannix" "To The Swiftest, Death" - With Hugh Beaumont as Frank Abbott

Friends Don't Let Friends Date Friends - With Frank Tedesco as Frank Abbott (as Frank A. Tedesco).  Also with Frank Nicosia as Coffee Shop patron, and Fran Pecorella as Grandma Jo.

"A Different World" - With Frank Jenkins as Dr. Abbott (2 episodes).

Rustlers - With Addison Richards as Frank Abbott.  Also with Frank Fenton as Brad Carew.  Also with Francis McDonald as Pierre, Roulette Wheel (uncredited).  Film Editing by: Frank Doyle.  Gaffer (uncredited): Frank Uecker.  Grip (uncredited): Frank Williams.

"All Star Comedy Carnival" - With David Barry as Frankie Abbott.  Production Design by: Frank Gillman... and about eight other people.

Bad Friday - With David Barry as Frankie Abbott.

"The Fenn Street Gang" - With David Barry as Frankie Abbott (35 Episodes).

"Frost on Sunday" Frost at the London Palladium for the British Film and Television Awards - With David Barry as Frankie Abbott.  Pianist: Petula Clark: Frank Owens.

"Grange Hill" Episode #24.1 - With Mark Lewis as Frankie Abbott (16 episodes).

Please Sir! - With David Barry as Frankie Abbott.  Camera Operator: Frank Drake.

"Please Sir!" - With David Barry as Frankie Abbott (35 Episodes).  Also with Frank Littlewood as Man.

"Schwester Agnes" -  Mit Gunter Sonneson als Frank Abendroth.  Auch mit Frank Obermann als Peter Schlesinger.

Netherbeast Incorporated - With Bruce Willis Dellis as Franklin Abercrombie.

'Marvel Super Hero Squad Online' - With Steve Blum as ABOMINATION / Fin Fang Foom / Wolverine / Sabretooth / Super Skrull / Ghost Rider / Thanos / Frankenstein's Monster / Iron Patriot / Mr. Fix-It / Taskmaster (voice).  Design Director: Franz Felsl.  Systems Engineer: Kevin Francis.

Smokin' Stogies - With Bernard Furmanski as Frank Abrachi.  Also with Frank Vincent as Johnny Big.  Boom Operator: Frank Auer.

Storm at a Distance - With Percy Metcalf as Franklin Abrams.  Also with Shawn Taiwone Francis as Isaac Abrams.

Little Deaths - With Errol Clarke as Frank's Accomplice (segment "Mutant Tool").  Also with Daniel Brocklebank as Frank (segment "Mutant Tool").  Executive Producer, Post-production Supervisor and Caterer: Ivan Francis Clements.

Sensation - With Matt Ritchey as Frank Accord.

"Berlin Bohème" "Episode #3.1" - With Holger Mehlan as Frank, Achims Lover.  Also with Frank Kallinowski as Konrad, Barkeeper.

Newman's Law - With Michael Lerner as Frank Acker.  Also with Louis Zorich as Frank Lo Falcone.  Costume Supervisor (uncredited): Frank Cardinale.

Mint on Card - With Tony Borea as Franky Acquaviva.

Toys of Destiny - With Frank Newburg as The Actor (as Frank Newberg).

"Tales of Irish Castles" A Century of Turmoil - With Frank Ó'Deorain as Re-enactment Actor (as Frank Ó Deorain).

Shakey Grounds - With Sara Castro as Frankie's Actress #2.  Also with Mike Dusi as Frankie.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent - With Michael Rispoli as Frank Adair (2 Episodes)

Crossroads - With Jon Kelley as Frank Adam (unknown episodes)

'Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham' - With Fred Tatasciore as Black Adam / Solomon Grundy / Killer Croc / Black Manta / Frankenstein (voice).

"Pillow Talk" - With Dan Salem as Host, Adam, Bruce, Franklin (21 Episodes).

"The Crooked Hearts" - With Michael Murphy as Frank Adamic.

"Magic City" Feeding Frenzy "Feeding Frenzy" - With Gui Inacio as Frank Adamo.  Leadman (as Frank Raffa Jr.): Frank A. Raffa Jr..

Captain Midnight - With John Pickard as Frank Adams (2 episodes).  Series Set Direction by: Frank Tuttle.  (15 Episodes, 1954-1955)  Special Effects (uncredited) (26 Episodes, 1954-1955): Franz Dallons.

The Lone Ranger - With Bruce Cowling as Frank Adams. Series Film Editing (58 Episodes, 1949-1957): Frank Capacchione.  Assistant Director (3 Episodes, 1949): Francis X. Baur Jr..  Recorder (3 Episodes, 1955): Francis J. Scheid.

"Mike Hammer" "I Ain't Talkin'" - With Frank DeKova as Al Adams (as Frank de Kova).  (written By): Frank Kane.  Art Direction by: Frank Arrigo.

Freedom - With Frank Green as Daniel Adams.  Also with Frank Taylor Green as Daniel Adams (as Frank Green).  Hmmmm.... database error much?

"Street Angels" - With George Saunders as Frank Adams.

Blackboard Jungle - With Jimmy Murphy as Frank Adams (uncredited).  Also with Anne Francis as Anne Dadier.  Painter (uncredited): Frank Wesselhoff.

Texas Gun Fighter - With Edgar Lewis as Frank Adams (uncredited).  Also with Frank Clark as Townsman (uncredited).  Also with Frank Ellis as Townsman (uncredited).  Co-written by (story) (uncredited): Frank Howard Clark.

The Border Patrolman - With Al Hill as Frank Adams.  Also with Frank Campeau as Capt. Stevens.  Cinematography by Frank B. Good... pretty good, not too great.

"City of Angels" To Halve or Halve Not "To Halve or Halve Not" - With Billy Mayo as Frank Adams.  Also with Charles Emmett as L. Francis.  Also with Ramón Franco as (as Ramon Franco).

"Death Valley Days" "The Young Gun" - With Reid Hammond as Frank Adams.  Also with Arthur Franz as Matt Warner.

"The Division" "Virgin Territory" - With Darryl Sivad as Frank Adams

Dude Cowboy - With Byron Foulger as Frank Adams.  Also with Frank Ellis as Slim (uncredited).  Also with Frank O'Connor as Simpson (uncredited).

Faded Dreams - With Larry Varanelli as Frank Adams.  Assistant Director: Franco Guadalupe.

High Five - With Michael Blair as Frank Adams.  Also with Hannah Reynolds as Jenny Franklin.  Also with Matthew J. Bauman as Franklin.  Also with Joe Franks as Baseball Cap Party Dude.

"Homicide" "I Confess" - With Brian Moll as Frank Adams.  Also with Frances Dunn as Val Hewett

Jigsaw - With Harrison Butler as Frank Adams

Just Be There - With Charlie McCarty as Frank Adams

"Official Detective (Stories)" "Panhandle Manhunt" - With Ron Hagerthy as Frank Adams.  Also with Frank Ferguson as Hartman.

Poolside - With Jim Chlopecki as Frank Adams

"The Virginian" "Bitter Harvest" - With John Lupton as Frank Adams.  Executive Producer..ed by Frank Price.

"Young Ramsay" "Young Buck" - With Bill Hunter as Frank Adams

"Stories of the Century" - With Mary Castle as Frankie Adams (26 Episodes).  Also with Series Art Direction by Frank Arrigo (26 episodes).

The Catcher Was a Spy - With Martin Janous as Franklin Adams

"Fantasy Island" "Chorus Girl/Surrogate Father" - With Stuart Whitman as Franklin Adams

"The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles" "Young Indiana Jones and the Scandal of 1920" - With Dylan Price as Franklin Adams.  Also with Doug Richards as Frank / Stagehand... the secret heart of that episode, incidentally.  E>

"Theatre Night" "The Member of the Wedding" - With Geraldine McEwan as Frankie Addams

"The DuPont Show of the Month" "The Member of the Wedding" - With Collin Wilcox Paxton as Frankie Addams (as Colin Wilcox... no relation to Bill, or so it would seem)

"ITV Play of the Week" "The Member of the Wedding" - With Frances Cuka as Frankie Addams

The Member of the Wedding - With Julie Harris as Frankie Addams.  Also with Arthur Franz as Jarvis Addams.  Set Decoration by Frank Tuttle.

"The Member of the Wedding" - With Dana Hill as Frankie Addams

"The Member of the Wedding" - With Anna Paquin as Frankie Addams.  With First Assistant Camera: Frank Godwin.

Incidentally, my inside-the-beltway sources tell me that two remakes are in the works.  First, Adam Sandler and official Sandler script maven Tim Herlihy are planning a live Netflix remake of the play.  They've changed the title to "The Wedding Member," which obviously had to be done.  The other is a version of the play called "The Addams Family Wedding," which Barry Sonnenfeld will probably make over at (Amazon) Prime.  Okay, moving on.

Peggy - With James Best as Frank Addison.  Music by Frank Skinner (uncredited).

"Archangel" - With Harry Ditson as Frank Adelman

Gifted - With Chris Evans as Frank Adler.  Also with Frank R. Wilson as Judge (uncredited).  Key Set Costumer: Erica Frank.  Music Assistant: Francesco Le Metre.

"The Incredible Hulk" "Wildfire" - With Dean Brooks as Frank Adler.  Directed by Frank Orsatti

"Man Servants" - With Charlie Waring as Franklin Adronikov... what is the sound of no episodes clapping?

"The Team" - Med Koen De Bouw som Frank Aers (8 Episodes)

People Business - With Ryan DeCook as Frank, Age 11.  Also with David Malboeuf as Frank.

The Last Sign - With Tyler Hynes as Frank.  Also with Edgar Geylik as Frank, age 5.  Casting By: Jean-François Campeau.  Production Design by: Jean-François Campeau.  Production Manager: France (as Béatrice Chauvin-Ballay): Béatrice Chauvin.  Second Unit Director or Assistant Director: François Bouchard.  Swing Gang: François Bouchard.  Scenic Painter: France Goulet.  Production Assistant: Hybride: Jean-Francois Houde.  Digital Compositor: Hybride: Francois Leduc.  Electrician: Francis Pépin-Viau.  Additional Clapper Loader: Jean-Francois Tousignant.  Assistant Location Manager: Josée Francis.  Administrator: France: Jacques Dubecq.  Accountant: Dominique LaFrance.  Set Production Assistant: Jean-François Rioux.  Production Secretary: France: Anne-Marie Souny.  Accountant: France: Tiphanie Triki.  Accountant: France: Laura Valade.

Twisted Fiction - With Billy Chambers as Frank Age 6.  Also with Rhys Ethan as Frank Lapin.

Fatal Games - With Michael O'Leary as Frank Agee.

"The Next Breaking Bad" "Low Winter Sun" - With Mark Strong as Frank Agnew (10 episodes).  Also with Henri Franklin as A-K (3 episodes).  Series Set Decoration by: Marie France (10 Episodes, 2013).  Props (6 Episodes, 2013): Frank Casaceli.

"Aftershock: Earthquake in New York" - With Mitchell Ryan as Frank Agostini (2 episodes).  Head Greensman (uncredited) (unknown Episodes): Frank Haddad.  Model Shop Crew (2 Episodes, 1999): Ayse Francis.  Driver: Cast (2 Episodes, 1999): Peter Franta.

Scacco alla mafia (aka Defeat of the Mafia) - With Luciano Pigozzi as Frankie Agostino (as Alan Collins).  Also with Franco Borelli as Leone.  Sound Recordist: Franco Borni.
Jour après jour ( after day?) - With Stéphane Rouabah as Frank's ag{g}ressor (flashback).  Also with Jo Prestia as Frank.  Also with Linda Dorfers as Frank's wife.  Also with Eric Sebakhi as Frank's ag[g]ressor (flashback)

"Kay O'Brien" Kayo on Call "Kayo on Call" - With Mark Margolis as Frank Agretti.  Also with Franc Luz as Sam. 

"Falcon Crest" - With Rod Taylor as Frank Agretti (31 Episodes)... also with Robert Donner as Tucker Fixx (5 episodes)... just sayin'.  I mean, hey!  Why don't they do what he says, say what he means..............

Os Sonhos de um Sonhador: A História de Frank Aguiar - With Frank Aguiar as Himself.  Also with Leandro Lehart as Banda de Frank.  Also with Gustavo Leão as Frank Aguiar.  Also with Jorge Neto as Frank Pequeno.  Also with Luygo Vaz as Frank Jovem.

"The Richard Boone Show" Welcome Home, Dan - With Lloyd Bochner as Frank Ahearn.

"A Masterpiece of Murder" - With Don Ameche as Frank Aherne.  Also with Anne Francis as Ruth Beekman.  Also with Frank Gorshin as Pierre Rudin.  Also with Francois Najda.

UFO - With David Strathairn as Franklin Ahls... I've heard of him!  Went to High School with Ahls.  Wotta jerk

"The Border" "Pockets of Vulnerability" - With Norris Mathews as Frankie Ahmad (as Norris Yacoub).  Stunts: Tariq/Frankie: Mathieu Ledoux.

"Der absurde Mord" - Mit Peter Sattmann als Frank Ahrend.

"Army Wives" "All or Nothing" - With Victor Turner as Frank's Aide.  Also with Terry Serpico as Frank Sherwood.  Music Supervisor: Frankie Pine.

Don't You Recognise (British spelling) Me? - With Mark Donaghy as Frank Aiello.

Parent News 2: What Is the Internet? - With Mark Hulderman as Frank Ainsa.

"Criminal Minds" "Brothers Hotchner" - With Matt Gulbranson as Franklin Airport Baggage Handler (uncredited).

One in a Million - With Fred Santley as Frankie, A.K.A. 'Madame Francois' (as Frederic Santley).  Also with Francis Sayles as Mr. Dickman tee hee hee.  Directed by: Frank R. Strayer.

"For Brothers" - With Lavinia Osei as Francesca A.K.A. Frankie.

Fukri - With Bhagath Baby Manuel as Franklin A.K.A. Franky.

Sprich mit mir - Mit Richard van Weyden als Frank A.K.A. Sehnsucht.

How to Stop a Man from Committing Suicide - With Christopher Papastefanou as Frank A.K.A. Voice of God.

Grace Is Gone - With Rob Wichman as Frankie A.K.A.: The Hobo.  Co-producer: Franklin Kielar.  Cinematography by Franklin Kielar.  Graphic Designer: Franklin Kielar... cinematography AND graphic design?  Is that a good combination?  Guess we'll never know.

Shadows of the West - With Seymour Zeliff as Frank Akuri.

Cherchez l'idole - Avec Frank Alamo comme Frank Alamo.  Aussi avec Franck Fernandel comme Richard, Franco Califano comme Le metteur en scène, François Cadet comme Un plombier (non crédité).  Aussi avec Édouard Francomme comme Un spectateur au récital de Charles Aznavour (non crédité), et Françoise Sagan comme Une invitée au spectacle de Sylvie Vartan (non crédité).  Remerciements spéciaux: Gérard Depardieu... probablement.

"Lip Service" - With Ruta Gedmintas as Frankie Alan (9 Episodes)

"T. J. Hooker" "Gang War" - With Rudy Negrete as Frankie Alarcon

"Medical Center" "The Deceived" - With Greg Mullavey as Frank Alber.  Series co-created by Frank Glicksman.

"Harlock Saga" - With Gregory Abbey as Alberich (6 Episodes, English version, voice - as Frank Frankson)

"Law & Order" "Securitate" - With Mike Alpert as Frank Albers

"Wilsberg" "Die Bielefeld-Verschwörung" - Mit Robert Gallinowski als Frank Albers.  Auch mit Frank Voß als Dr. Ludwig Köhn.  Szenenbild von Frank Prümmer.

"Father Brown" "The Owl of Minerva" - With Harry McEntire as Frank Albert.  Production Design by: Francis Boyle.  Historical Adviser (as Dr Matthew Francis): Matthew Francis.

Folklore's Intimates - With Harry Johnson as Frank Albert.  Special Thanks: Frances Andrews.

The Spirit of Stanford - With Frankie Albert as Frankie Albert.  Also with Frank Ferguson as Psychology Professor (uncredited).  Cinematography by Franz Planer.

"Doctors" "Never Event" - With Geoff(rey) Leesley as Frank Albertini

The Cohens and Kellys in Hollywood - With Frank Albertson as Frank Albertson (uncredited).  Directed by John Francis Dillon.

Main Street to Broadway - With Frank Albertson as Frank Albertson (uncredited).  Also with Herb Shriner as Frank Johnson, and Frank Ferguson as Mr. Cope in Fantasy Sequence.

"Murder, She Wrote" "Good-Bye Charlie" - With Bill Maher as Frank Albertson, and... seriously?  Bill Maher?  Weerd!  What-ev'z.........

Happy Days - With Frank Albertson as Frankie Albertson.  Also with Frank Richardson as Minstrel Show Performer.  Also with Frank McKee as Chorus Man.  Also with Fran Heller as Chorus Man.

Mädchen hinter Gittern - Mit Harry Riebauer als Frank Albin

Arne Dahl: Dödsmässa, Arne Dahl: Efterskalv, Arne Dahl: En midsommarnattsdröm, Arne Dahl: Himmelsöga og Arne Dahl: Mörkertal - Alle med Kenneth Milldoff som Frank Albrekt (10 Episoder)

Panhandlers - With Jay Pennick as Frank Albright

Mal Alibi - With Eric Schuster as Frank Alda

"The Republic" - With Marc Singer as Frank Alden

"Murder" "The Third Voice" - With Conor McCarron as Frankie Alder.  Also with Frank Gilhooley as Rafe Carey.

"Blindsided by Love" - With Kelsey Bohlen as Frankie Alder

Children of the Night - What music *they* make!  Bla-ha-ha... I mean, with Evan MacKenzie as Frank Aldin

"100,000 Dollar Belohnung" - Med Helmuth Schneider som Franklin Aldin

"Big Deal" - With Ben Howard as Frank Aldino (3 episodes), and... for all those database error fans out there, you're not going to believe this... I mean, you're just not, but I think I found one here.  See, we've got Eric Francis as Stan (2 episodes)... but then we got Eric FrancEs ALSO as Stan!  Guess it's just that old British sense of humour or something.  Well, you can't always find a John Hyland or a Brad Garrett in Eight Men Out, I suppose... dang!  They fixed that one!

"My Time" - With Tom Lind as Frank Aldrich

"The Front" - With Josh Durham as Frank Aldridge (6 episodes)

"Neighbours" - With Bob Ruggiero as Frank Alessi (3 episodes, 1 as Francis Billings!!! Sorry... SPOILER ALERT)

"Marcus Welby, M. D." "Public Secrets" - With William Dozier as Frank Alexander.  Assistant Director: Frank Shaw Jr.

"Hill Street Blues" "Gatorbait" - With Lawrence Benedict as Frank Alexander

"Final 24" "Tupac Shakur" - With Bishop Brent as Frank Alexander.  Also with Frank Alexander as Himself... Bodyguard.  Also with Markus Francis as Travon Lane.

"Good Morning, Miami" - With Jere Burns as Frank Alfano (35 Episodes)

Aswang - With Paul D. Villamor as Frankie Allan.  Also with Francisco Sacabin as Policeman 3.  Props Maker: Francis Sanchez.  3D Artist: Imaginary Friends Studio / Senior Compositor: Imaginary Friends Studio: Francis Allan V. Andalis.  Gaffer (as Kiko Mangubat Jr.): Francisco Mangubat.

"24" - With Edoardo Ballerini as Frank Allard (3 Episodes)

Enhörningen - Mit Olof Bergström als Frank Allard.  Auch mit Ivar Wahlgren als Lautsprecher auf Frankspartei (im Abspann)

"Eurogang" "Blüten Für Frankfurt" - Mit Wolfgang Preiss als Frank Allen

Young Tom Edison - With Frances Morris as Woman at Station (uncredited).  Also with Marvin Stephens as Frank Allen (uncredited).  Also with Frank Whitbeck as Narrator (voice) (uncredited).

The Big Brother - With Frank Bennett as Frank Allen.  Also with Francelia Billington as Lillian Watkins.

Chaos Theory - With Ryan Reynolds as Frank Allen.  Also with David Berner as Frank's Doctor.  Also with Simon Chin as Target of Frank's Attack.  Head Greensman: Frank Haddad.  Colorist (uncredited): Frank Robinson.

A Conflicting Conscience - With Wadsworth Harris as Frank Allen.

A Costume Piece - With Harry T. Morey as Frank Allen.  Also with J. Herbert Frank.

Deadline - U.S.A. - With Ed Begley as Frank Allen.  Also with Betty Francine as Telephone Operator (uncredited).  Also with Joe Sawyer as Whitey Franks (uncredited).  Also with Frank Wilcox as Senator (uncredited).

Passenger 57 - With Dennis Letts as Frank Allen.  Also with Frank Causey as Captain Whitehurst.  Also with Frank Hart as Flight Engineer.  Re-recording Mixer (as Frank Jones): Franklin Jones Jr..  Camera Operator: Frank Miller.

Pretty Rosebud - With Wolfgang Bodison as Frank Allen.

The Slacker's Heart - With Edward Arnold as Frank Allen.

"Unsolved Mysteries" "Episode #3.17" - With Bill Vashon as Frank Allen.

Through Eyes of Men - With Frank Mayo as Franklyn Allen.

Wicked as They Come - With Sidney James as Frank Allenborg.  Also with Frank Atkinson as Hotel Porter (uncredited).

Center of the Web - With Bo Hopkins as Frank Allesendro.

"Inspector George Gently" "Gently in the Night" - With Diarmaid Murtagh as Frank Allingham (as Diarmuid Murtagh).

"Branded" "Nice Day for a Hanging" - With James Anderson as Frank Allison.  Writer: Frank Chase.

"6 Guns" - With Barry Van Dyke as Frank Allison.  Also with Dick Van Dyke as Chief Not Terribly Proud

The Jilt - With Owen Moore as Frank Allison.  Also with Florence Lawrence as Mary... Frank's Sister

Maxime - With Richard Larke as Frank Allison

"Spenser: For Hire" "Widow's Walk" - With John Fiore as Frankie Almeida (uncredited).  Also with Ron McLarty as Sgt. Frank Belson (credit only)... what, is NO ONE proud to be on this show??!!!

"Empty Vessels Interactive" - With Francis Hills as Frankie Almost.  Co-directed, co-written, co-produced, music, co-cinematographed, edited and catered by Francis Hills as well

"666 Park Avenue" "Murmurations" - With Mike Doyle as Frank Alpern

The Assistant - With Gil Bellows as Frank Alpine

"Der Gehilfe" - Mit Marius Müller-Westernhagen als Frank Alpine.  MEINE GOTTEN HIMMEL!!!!

"Tales From the Dark" "Mirror Mirror" - With John Basedow as Frank Alter Ego, and with Bob Socci as Frank Alter Ego II: Alter Ego Boogaloo.  Oh, and with Nick Gauthier as Frank... Sacre Bleué!  They've thought of EVERYTHING!  This Frank must be quite the conflicted character, n'est ce pas?  Also with Frank Rosner as Antique Dealer.

"Wolff's Turf(f)" "Gebrochene Herzen" - Mit Siegfried Grönig als Frank Altmann

"Küstenwache" "Im Todesgriff" - Mit Bernhard Piesk als Frank Altmann

The Miami Story - With Dan Riss as Frank Alton.  Composer - Stock Music: W. Franke Harling (uncredited)

Piernas de Seda - Con Raul Roulien como Frank Alton.  También con Francisco Moreno como Conroy (apodo Paco Moreno)

Joe Palooka, Champ - With Pat McKee as Franki Altri's Handler (uncredited).  Also with Frank O'Connor as Policeman (uncredited).  Assistant Director: Frank Fox.

"Ben Casey" "Little Drops of Water, Little Grains of Sand" - With Aldo Ray as Frank Alusik

"NCIS: New Orleans" "Darkest Hour" - With Shani Atias as Frankie Alvarez, and with Gary Oldman as Sir Winston Churchill

His Sister - With Guy Oliver as Frank Alvin

A Medal for Benny - With Nestor Paiva as Frank Alviso (uncredited).  Also with Frank McHugh as Edgar Lovekin, and Frank Reicher as Father Bly (uncredited).  Story / screenplay by Frank Butler and Jack Wagner... sorry, but you know I always like it when Franks and Jacks get together to do stuff, like screenplays.

"Softly Softly" "Find the Lady" - With Victor Maddern as Frank Amber

"Lie to Me" "The Better Half" - With David Harbour as Frank Ambrose

The Notorious Landlady - With Fred Astaire as Franklyn Armbruster.  Stunts by Frankie Darro (uncredited).

"Hawaiian Eye" "The Koa Man" - With John McCain McCann as Frank Amerika Ameria.  Co-music by Frank Perkins.

"Chicago P. D." "Forty-Caliber Bread Crumb" - With Keith Kupferer as Frank Amerson

"Medic" "Candle of Hope" - With Francis De Sales as Frank Ames.  Produced by Frank La Tourette.

"24" "9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m." - With Ivar Blogger Brogger as Frank Ames

Suzanna's New Suit - With Fred Gamble as Frank Ames

"Treasury Men in Action" "The Case of the Deadly Dilemma" - With Charles Bronson as Frankie Ames... this is my new favourite episode title, incidentally.  Oh, it's not just a deadly dilemma, folks... it's a whole case of them!  And speaking of Charles Bronson...

The City Gone Wild - With Wyndham Standing as Franklin Ames

Momtress - With Steven Cambria as Frank Amirata... okay, I'll bite.  For some reason I was thinking "fortress."  It's actually barely a portmanteau of mom and actress!  I'm guessing it's an L. A. story probably.

Who Killed Johnny Love? - With Raymond Carmiciano as Frankie Amore

"Labirinto" - Con Raul Gazolla como Franklin Amorim (¿episodios desconocidos... lo difícil es que averiguar?)

Destressed - With Frank Amoruso as Frank Amoruso ... as Himself

"Junior: The Miniseries" - With Frankie Solano as Frankie... an Excellent Dancer (3 episodes).  As for who plays the Ahnold Schwarzenegger role, well... I'll leave that to the real experts to decide

War Nurse - With James Bush as Frank and Wally's Buddy (uncredited)

Hit and Runway - With John Fiore as Frank Andero.  Music by: Frank Piazza.  Recording Engineer: Overdub: Frank Piazza.  Background Vocalist: Kemba Francis.  Musician: Drums: Mark Frankel.  Music Arranger / Music Producer / Musician: Guitar / Musician: Keyboards / Musician: Synth Programmer / Co-caterer: Frank Piazza.  Set Intern: Peter Lufrano.

"Surfside 6" "Bride and Seek" - With Grant Williams as Frank Anders

Death, or Something Like It - With Kevin B(.) Hartley as Frank Anders

"Institute for Revenge" - With Ray Walston as Frank Anders

"Forsvar" "Fremtid med havudsigt 2. del" - Med Rasmus Haxen som Frank Andersen.  Også med Petrine Agger som Frank Andersens kone

"Landsbyden" ("The Village") - Med Søren Østergaard som Frank Andersen (27 Afleveringen... Game Øverr!)

"Starsky and Hutch" - With Bert Remsen as Franklin Anderson (2 episodes)

"Legends & Lies" "The Patriots: America's First Christmas" - With Dietrich Teschner as Frank Anderson.  Construction Foreman: Frank Addington.

"Perry Mason""The Case of the Pint-Sized Client" - With James Anderson as Frank Anderson.  Also with Frank O'Connor as Courtroom Spectator (uncredited).  Director Of Photography: Frank Redman.

"Space Command" - With Robert Barclay as Frank Anderson.  Also with William Shatner as (1953).

A Battle of Wits - With Earle Foxe as Frank Anderson

Chasing Ghosts - With Mark Rolston as Frank Anderson.  Boom Operator: Frank Zaragoza.  Still Photographer: Francine Yang.

"Girlfriends" "The Importance of Being Frank" - With Kent Faulcon as Frank Anderson

"The Good Wife" "After the Fall" - With Jack Gilpin as Frank Anderson.  Art Direction by: Frank White III (as Frank White).

"La caja de problemas" - Con Jerry Segarra como Frank Anderson

"Law of the Plainsman" "Full Circle" - With Wayne Rogers as Frank Anderson.  Film Editing by: Frank Sullivan.  Sound: Frank H. Wilkinson.

"Natural Remedy" - With Sebastian MacLean as Frank Anderson

Normal Life - With Tom Towles as Frank Anderson.  Storyboard Artist: Frank Coronado...ooh!  Also with Ashley Judd as Pam Anderson.  Oh, PUH-LEEEEEEEEEEZE.

The Poughkeepsie Tapes - With Henry Dittman as Frank Anderson.  Foley Mixer (as Frank Aglieri-Rinella): Frank Rinella.

"Seven Wonders of the Industrial World" "The Hoover Dam" - With Erik J. Anderson as Frank Anderson.  Also with Jay Benedict as Frank Crowe.

Shouting Mountain - With Lawrence Anthony as Frank Anderson

Trafficked - With Courtney Gains as Frank Anderson.  Executive Producer: Frank Mayor.

Paradise in Harlem - With Frank H. Wilson as Lem Anderson (as Frank Wilson).  Also with Francine Everett as Desdemona Jones.  Story by Frank L. Wilson.

The Phantom of Crestwood - With Matty Kemp as Frank Andes

бляха Шериф - 3 Анатолій kotenyov as Френк Andgeli

"Yo Soy Franky" - Con María Gabriela de Faría como Franky Andrade (159 Episodes).  Also con July Pedraza como Profesora Franky.

Lydia - With Hans Jaray as Frank Andre (as Hans Yaray).  Also with Frank Conlan as Old Ned.

"Law & Order" "Invaders" - With Bruce MacVittie as Frank Andreas.

Zarra's Law - With Brian Tarantina as Frankie Andreoli.  Also with Franco Quartuccio as Tommy.

"Cain's Hundred" "Degrees of Guilt" - With David Brian as Frank Andreotis.  Also with Frank Richards as Bartender.  Recording Supervisor: Franklin Milton.

"Deadly Women" "Greed" - With Kevin Dicconson as Franklin Andrews

"Another World" - With Peter Brandon as Frank Andrews (2 Episodes).  Also with William H. Macy as Jerry Lundegaard Frank Fisk (1982, unknown episodes).

"Cinemassacre's Monster Madness" "The Wolf Man" - With Patric Knowles as Frank Andrews (archive footage).

The Wayfarers - With Gayne Whitman as Frank Andrews (as Alfred Vosburgh).

"The Alaskans" "Heart of Gold" - With Frank Ferguson as Brother Barlow.  Also with Gary Vinson as Frank Andrews.  Composer: Theme Music: Fran Frey.

The Battle of the Sexes - With Donald Crisp as Frank Andrews.  Also with Mary Alden as Mrs. Frank Andrews.

Danny Boy - With Walter Soderling as Frank Andrews.

"Division 4" "The Infiltrator" - With Mark Albiston as Frank Andrews.  Also with Gerard Kennedy as Sen. Det. Frank Banner.  Also with Frank Taylor as Sgt. Scotty MacLeod.

"The Gene Autry Show" "The Silver Arrow" - With Robert Livingston as Frank Andrews.  Also with Frankie Marvin as Townsman (uncredited).  Also with Frank Matts as Townsman (uncredited).  Directed by: Frank McDonald.  Stunts (uncredited): Frank Matts.

"Juliet Bravo" "Cause for Complaint" - With Allan McClelland as Frank Andrews

"The New Breed" "Edge of Violence" - With Ben Wright as Frank Andrews.

"Portrait of a Stripper" - With Edward Herrmann as Frank Andrews.  Also with Frank Birney as Director.  Executive Producer: Frank von Zerneck.

"Roseanne" "The Truth Be Told" - With Johnny Dark as Frank Andrews.  Cinematography by: Frank Doll.

"The Teeth of the Wind" - With Alan Hopgood as Frank Andrews

Too Many Cooks - With Hallam Cooley as Frank Andrews.  Written (by): Frank Craven.

The Wolf Man - With Patric Knowles as Frank Andrews.  Also with Caroline Frances Cooke as Townswoman (uncredited).  Music co-composed and co-orchestrated (uncredited) by: Frank Skinner.

"Your Worst Nightmare" "Bump in the Night" - With Jason Vail as Frank Andrews

"As the World Turns" "Episode dated 24 December 1984" - With Jacques Perreault as Frank Andropoulos.  Also with Terri Vandenbosch as Frannie Hughes.  Lighting Director: Frank Olson.

Farmer for a Day - With Douglas Leavitt as Frank, Andy's Brother-In-Law (uncredited).

Host to a Ghost - With Frank Mills as Frank, Andy's helper.

Franky's Heaven - With Steven Michael Kovalic as Franky's Angel (as Steven Kovalic).  Also with Don Austin as Franky.

"Three's Company" - With Jordan Charney as Frank Angelino (11 episodes, one as Mr. Layton)

"First Night" "The Strain" - With Ray Barrett as Frank Angelo 

Subway Cafe - With Tony Pasqualini as Frank Angelo.

"Canterbury's Law" - With James McCaffrey as Frank Angstrom (4 Episodes)

"87th Precinct" "Lady Killer" - With Billy E. Hughes as Frankie Annuci (as Billy Hughes)

Illegal Aliens - With Jules Medcraft as Tiffany Ann-Franklin.  Also with Elisabette Hine-Francis as Student.

City Hall - With Danny Aiello as Frank Anselmo.  Also with Anthony Franciosa as Paul Zapatti (as Tony Franciosa).  Also with Fran Brill as Angie.  Set Decoration by: Robert J. Franco.  Supervising Sound Editor (as Rick Franklin): Richard C. Franklin.  Set Production Assistant: Adam Ben Frank.

"Samvidhaan: The Making of the Constitution of India" - With Kaizaad Kotwal as Frank Anthony (2 episodes)

"Ellery Queen" "The Adventure of the Sunday Punch" - With Robert Alda as Frank Anthony.  Also with Ken Swofford as Frank Flannigan.

The Year Past - With Josh Henderson as Frank Antillies

"They Call It Murder" - With Leslie Nielsen as Lt. Frank Drebin... POLICE SQUAD Frank Antrim

Maria's Gravy Pot - With Michael Minnella as Frank Apelli.  Also with Alanna Nevins as Francesca (voice).  Also with Barbara Teofilo as Francesca.

"Hawaii Five-O" "Blood Money Is Hard to Wash" - With Clayton Naluai as Frankie Apollo

"Crisis" "How Far Would You Go" - With Jason Bradley as FBI Agent Frank Appel.  Also with Dermot Mulroney as Francis Gibson.

How I Killed Pistol Rogers - With Jessica Saul as Frankie Applebee.  Producer: Spencer Frankeberger.

"The Four Just Men" "The Man in the Road" - With James Dyrenforth as Frank Appleby.  Also with Frank Thornton as Gendarme.

"The Young and the Restless" - With William Akey as Frank Applegate (3 episodes)

"Hawaiian Eye" "Father, Dear Father" - With Lawrence Dobkin as Frank Appleton.  Co-music by Frank Perkins (uncredited).

"Perry Mason" "The Case of a Place Called Midnight" - With Robert Emhardt as Frank Appleton

Fighting Trouble - With Thomas Browne Henry as Frankie Arbo (as Thomas B. Henry)

"The True Story of Spit MacPhee" - With Ray Meagher as Frank "Non-Fatty" Arbuckle (4 Episodes)

"The Dead Beat" - With Matthew Edison as Frank Arbus

"The Power Game" "The New Minister" - With Peter Cellier as Frank Archer

"NYPD Blue" "True Confessions" - With Gary Bullock as Frank Archer.  Also with Dennis Franz as Det. Andy Sipowicz.

"Grantchester" "Episode #2.2" - With Nicky Henson as Frank Archer

Crossed - With Christopher J. Otis as Frank Archer.  Also with Jerry Murdock as Frank Archer Sr.

Crying with Laughter - With Malcolm Shields as Frank Archer

"Fullmetal Alchemist" - With Troy Baker as Frank Archer (15 episodes, English version, voice) / Additional Voices (4 episodes, English version, voice).  Also with Shô Hayami as Frank Archer (15 episodes, Japanese version, voice... as Susumu Hayami).  Also with Frank Ford as Additional Voices (English version, voice).

"Swamp Murders" "Mystery at Palm Beach" - With Ryan Davenport as Frank Archer

Fait Accompli - Avec Michael Madsen comme Frank Barlow.  Baiseur de mère chef responsable (comme Frank J. Zito III): Frank Zito.

"Person of Interest" "Reassortment" - With James Ciccone as Frank Capello

The Devil Incarnate - With Tom Riska as Frank Davidson

"Homicide" "A Game of Chance" - With Alan Rowe as Frank Edwards.  Also with Frank Rich as Bianchi.

Freitag, der 13. - Mit Rolf Weih als Frank Fux... Ich schwöre bei Gott

The Chapman Report - With Harold J. Stone as Frank Garnell.  Composer: Stock Music (uncredited): Frank Perkins

"The Middle" - With Patricia Heaton as Frankie Heck (214 episodes)

"Honeyboy" - With Robert Alan Browne as Frank Ingalls.  Also with Frank Romano as Official.

Great Balls of Fire! - With Crystal Robbins as Frankie Jean.  Driver: Frank Firneno.

The Secret Call - With Harry Beresford as Frank Kelly.  Also with Frances Moffett as Gwen Allen.

"Verbotene Liebe" - With Christian Wunderlich as Frank Levinsky (464 Episodes)

"Death in Paradise" "Until Death Do You Part" - With William Ash as Frank Mellor

"The Untouchables" - With Paul Regina as Frank Nitti (42 Episodes)

Wittekerke - Mit Marc Coessens als Frank Opdebeeck (824 Episoden)

A Little Child Shall Lead Them - With Henry Otto as Frank Peyton

"Granite Flats" - With Scott Christopher as Frank Quincy (21 Episodes)

30 Rock - With Judah Friedlander as Frank Rossitano (138 episodes... okay, okay, with one as Streaker 1.  Happy now?)

"Boy Meets World" - With Ethan Suplee as Frankie Stechino (19 Episodes)

Alarm für Cobra 11 - Einsatz für Team 2 - Mit Hendrik Duryn als Frank Traber (11 epizoden, 2003-2005).  Serie Kinematographie von: Frank Theisejans (2 Episodes, 2005).  Kameramann: "B" Kamera (1 Episode, 2003): Frank Theisejans.

"Stolen Moments: A Jazz Benefit for San Bernardino Cares" - With Frank Unzueta as Frank Unzueta (...himself much?)

"San Diego Film Awards" - With Francis Jacob Engle as the Visual Effects guy (as Frank Engle).  Also with Francine Filsinger as Herself - Presenter.  Second Unit Makeup Artist: Francia Cohen.  Second Unit Sound Recordist: Frank Forth.  Production Assistant: Francis Jacob Engle.

"SOKO Stuttgart" "Bis zur letzten Rille" - Med Ingo Naujoks som Frank Wolff

"Isidingo" "Episode #1.2086" - With Kevin Smith as Frank Xavier

Adventures of a Pizza Guy - With Eric Wigston as Franky Young

"Dead Last" "Heebee Geebee's" - With Franc Ross as Frank Z. 

"Abschnitt 40" "Zechanschlussraub" - Mit Karl Kranzkowski als Frank Zylka.  Auch mit Ole Puppe als Polizeihauptkommissar Sebastian Franke, Jeannette Arndt als Carola Franke, und bei Franziska Arnold als Barbara Zylka (gutgeschreiben als Franziska Matthus). 

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