Sunday, July 26, 2020

Auteur Watch - James Brown

Oh, good!  Another not-so-prolific one.  Well, it can be tough if you're doing everything yourself like this particulate... particular James Brown.  The big one, of course, as of this writing, is the zombie epic Loneliest Number.  And, in particular writer-director fashion, James gives himself a plum non-zombie role.  Figures. 
So, Movie Hooligan!  Where can one go to view this epic?  Whelp, that information is not forthcoming.  (I don't have IMDb Pro)  And good luck finding it on YouTube!  The first thing that came up was the Official Lyric Video for Three Dog Night's "One Is The Loneliest Number."  Normally, that is a good strategy for a filmmaker: don't pick a title that's too obscure, or too long... on the other hand, trust your audience.  They'll venture to the multiplex and tell the ticket counter kid "One for... you know, the one with the long-ass title."  I guess "Baby Shark" and "Poker Face" were already taken as movie titles or something.  Also available on YouTube: Extol Originals' classic, "The Loneliest Zombie."  Directed by Michael Albright... perhaps this Michael Albright?  Gotta update your info, dude.

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