Tuesday, July 21, 2020

The Explosion Aboard The U.S.S. Bonhomme Richard Accepts Trump's Offer To Replace Pence on 2020 GOP Ticket

Brought to you by But I Don't Even Have a Spotify Account.  But I Don't Even Have A Spotify Account!  So how could the Russians have hacked into it?  Strange times.  Maybe these e-companies should add that option.  You know, have a check box for North Korea and Russia, under a new section entitled "Do Not Let the Following Countries Log Into My Account."  Or maybe add a Home Country option!  I.4.1. won't be doing much international traveling any time soon, so if anyone in Russia or India or Turkey / Turkmenistan tries logging in, block it!  Make a note of it, alert the good folks over at Symantec-LoomisFargo, whatever, try and catch the bastards.  Just saying.  #justsaying.  Also brought to you by The Dream I Had Two Nights Ago.  The Dream I Had Two Nights Ago!  Let me make a note of it before I forget: there's this crab that gets a hold of my hand, won't let go, no matter how much I try to pull it off, and which ultimately burrows its way into the inside of my hand.  Then it gets weird, as I end up pulling these painful, alien fragments out of my hand for the rest of the night.  I complain to someone about how I'm worried about the arteries in my hand.  Also, I'm just trying to get home, which in the dream isn't actually that far away, and I don't need a key to get in.  It looks like an office, and there's a nice, large foyer, and a Lesbian friend from my past is there, reading a book, pretending to wait for me.  I'm in love, but she's unimpressed, for more than the obvious reason.  Yes, I'm sorry I blew my chance to get in on the ground floor of Lyft.  I'd be a hundred thousandaire by now, terribly impressive.
Unfortunately, this week we lost Congressman and civil rights leader John Lewis (1940-2020), who will now be replaced in office by a charter school.  I mean, I'd like to join in with those who keep saying the Republican party is doomed, and will be extinct within a few years, but it's not like Sheldon Adelson's going to start giving to Democrats... ah, it's a drop in the bucket.  Remember: they have the money, we have the power.  Get into good trouble.  Not me, though; I'm still busy getting my affairs in order, in case that early retirement comes through.  (Spoiler Alert: it won't)
But on to this week's Top 10... great ségué, huh?  I took a summer course in them!  Unfortunately, they're not enough to put tables on the food... something like that.  There's only two debuts this week under Month Six of this virus they got on.  The first is an ensemble piece, sounds a bit like Romeo and Juliet, only not as over-the-top, and it's a nice project to help "Ray Donovan" star Liev Schrieber ease back in to the rest of his career.  But what was it called?  A two-word title, I think the first word was something... a synonym for 'person.'  I mean... was it 1000 Days for the Planet: The Human Adventure?  Nah, too hopeful.  Also, I'm glad I'm not starting with a title with the pound sign in it... I know, I know, it's a "hashtag."  Fooey.  Well, how about 101 More Things Removed from the Human Body?  Nah, not that fun.  Maybe 101 Things Removed from the Human Body?  Oh, that must be the first one... I mean, there's 206 bones in the human body... what all is being removed here?  Eh, not that curious.  How about 1948: The Birth of a New Specimen of Human Being?  Nah, I don't think it's a historical piece.  1997 Humanitarian Bowl perhaps?  1998 Humanitarian Bowl possibly?  1999 Humanitarian Bowl2000 Humanitarian Bowl2002 Humanitarian Bowl?  No, I don't think it was a sports competition.  2007 Roady's Humanitarian Bowl?  Ooh!  New owners!  2008 Roady's Humanitarian Bowl2009 Roady's Humanitarian Bowl2016 Humanitas Prize Awards98% Human?  No, not that.  98% Human?  I already said!  Not that!  A Beginner's Guide to Human AssimilationA Bit of Human DriftwoodA Case of Human TraffickingA Human ConnectionA Human ErrorA Human GameA Human Hound's TriumphA Human PlanetA Human RaceA Human RequestA Human StoryA Human ViceA Humane ProblemA Insofismável Natureza HumanaA Lost and Found Box of Human SensationA Question of HumanityA Really Dumb, Stupid Part Of a Very Insignificant Segment Of Human HistoryA Sense of HumanityA Voz HumanaA Voz HumanaA Voz HumanaA Walk Across the Human BridgeA Weak Human MercyA Western Governor's HumanityAbdelrahman: Egypt and the Violation of Human RightsAbominations of Humanity: The Evil WithinActing HumanAdamo Homo Homnis Viscus (The Pleasure of Human Flesh)Adult HumansAlbert Spaulding, Playing Schumann's 'Traumerei' and Sarasate's 'Romanza Andaluza'Alchemy: Human TransformationAlegría: A Humanitarian ExpeditionAlex Agnew: More Human Than HumanAll Human Rights for AllAll Human's EveAll That Is HumanAll Too HumanAlmost Feel HumanAlmost HumanAlmost HumanAlmost HumanAlmost HumanAlmost HumanAlmost HumanAlmost HumanAlone and InhumanAlter HumanAmerican Humane Hero Dog AwardsAmerican Renegade: Confessions of a Radical HumanistAmong Human WolvesAn Adventure in HumanityAn Anatomy of the Human MindAn HumanAn inquiry Into Human NatureAng walay kahumanang adlawAngshumaner ChhobiAnimal People: The Humane Movement in AmericaAnnual Human Resource Q & A MeetingAnomalous HumaniteAnother 101 Things Removed from the Human BodyAntihumanAntique HumansAny Human HeartApe Man: The Story of Human EvolutionApp: The Human StoryArachnida: A threat to humanityAre Husbands Human?As Human as AnimalAs Predicted, Migrants Are Using Women and Children as Human ShieldsAt Large: Child Exploitation & Human TraffickingAtlas de geografía humanaAutism: A Curious Case of the Human MindAyudar al ojo humanoBad Medicine: The Human Cost of Animal ExperimentsBad Movie Police Case #3: Humanoids from AtlantisBarreiros, motor humanoBarro HumanoBarry Mickey the Ultimate HumanBasic Human NeedsBasuras humanasBats: Human HarvestBattles Without Honor and HumanityBattles Without Honor and Humanity: The Complete SagaBBC Human Planet: The DoucheBe HumanBeasts and HumansBeautiful Human Life BewareBecoming a Human WomanBecoming Homeless: A Human ExperienceBecoming HumanBecoming HumanBecoming SuperhumanBecoming Truly HumanBehind Human EyesBeing A Human PersonBeing HumanBeing HumanBeing HumanBeing HumanBeing HumanBeing HumanBeing HumanBeing HumanBeing Human: UnearthedBestias humanasBetter Humans: Athletes of the Spartan World ChampionshipBeyond Borders: The Debate Over Human MigrationBeyond HumanBeyond Human LimitsBeyond Human LimitsBeyond Human NatureBeyond the Films: New Battles Without Honor and HumanityBeyond UFO's: The Science of Consciousness and Contact with Non Human IntelligenceBilly (Don't Dream Too Hard About Having a Human Head)Bioperfection: Building a New Human RaceBipedal HumanoidBirdmen: The Original Dream of Human FlightBjörk: Human BehaviourBlade Runner 2049: To Be Human: - Casting Blade Runner 2049Blending HumansBloodfist V: Human TargetBlow Into the Chaotic HumanityBob Birdnow's Remarkable Tale of Human Survival and the Transcendence of SelfBody Human 2000: Love, Sex & the Miracle of BirthBorrasca humanaBOUND: A Brutal Unflinching Glimpse Into the World of Human TraffickingBrain Eating Deer Prions Could Infect Humans and Cause DiseaseBreath Control: The History of the Human Beat BoxBruce Springsteen: Human TouchBuick Human Highlight ReelBurma: A Human TragedyCacería humanaCamera oscura: fragments de l'humanité I, II, IIICanada: Human VaccineCards Against Humanity In Real LifeCards Against Humanity: The MusicalCarroña humanaCartoons Ain't HumanCathumanismCattle: The CultCERN: Pushing the Frontiers of Human KnowledgeCharlene Kaye: HumanCharles Schumann: Von Kirchenthumbach in die WeltCheckpoint of HumanityCheryl: Only HumanChhumantarChris Brown Feat. Keri Hilson: SuperhumanChronicles of Humanity: DescentChronicles of Humanity: RedemptionChronicles of Humanity: RenegadesChronicles of Humanity: UprisingChronologia HumanCitizen & HumanCitizens of HumanityCiudad HumanaCiudad Humana 2: CaosClass of Nuke 'Em High Part 3: The Good, the Bad and the SubhumanoidClass of Nuke 'Em High Part II: Subhumanoid MeltdownCobayas: Human TestColeção de Humanos MortosCome Away O Human ChildCommunication: The Human ImperativeCondition HumanConstrucción fija para habitación humanaContrabando Humanocontrol(human, data, sound)Crash Test Human: ConstructionCreation of the Humanoids: Green Screen TestCrime Stoppers Case Files: Southern California Human TraffickingCrime Stoppers Case Files: Southern California Human Trafficking Part 2Crimes Against HumanityCriminal Foundations: Fraudulent Humanitarian OrganizationsDance for Your Life, Puny HumanDancing HumanDanny and the Human ZooDate a HumanDateaHuman.comDawn of the Planet of the Apes: Humans and Apes: The Cast of 'Dawn'De expressione humanitatisDear HumanDeath on Arrival, Vol. 1: Animals Attacking Humans, Humans Attacking AnimalsDecapitated: Human's DustDel apéndice humano y la comunicación interdimensional con los inframundos mágicosDemasiado humanoDer Fall des Robert SchumannDer Krieg ist nicht humanisierbarDesecho humanoDestroy All HumansDestroy All Humans: Big Willy UnleashedDestroy All Humans: Path of the FuronDestroy All Humans!Destroy All Humans! 2Detroit: Become HumanDeus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's CutDeus Ex: Human RevolutionDirect Hit & Pears: Human MovementDisorders: The Dark Side of the Human MindDisposable HumanityDoctor Faustef (Versus Lucifer in the Fight for Immortality of the Human Race)Don't Get Tagged by Human TraffickingDoom of HumanityDrew Carey: Human CartoonDriving HumanityEducar para HumanizarEin HumanistHuman SurgeEl espejo humanoEl Lado Humano de la FamaEl Retrato de un HumanoEl último día de la humanidadElectronic Superhuman Gridman: Boys Invent Great HeroEncounters of a Human KindErik Schumann über 'Der flüsternde Tod'Erik Schumann über Rolf OlsenErrare Humanum EstErrors of the Human BodyEscape: Human CargoEscoria humanaEssence: Exploring the Horse-Human RelationshipEven the Inept UN Is Declaring Venezuela a Massive Humanitarian CrisisEVPs: Spirits Hijacking Human VoiceExHumansExistió otra humanidadExit HumanExit HumanityExplorers of the Human BodyExtraordinary HumansFactor humanoFactores humanosFading HumanityFaith in Humanity RestoredFallen World - Humanity LostFeeling Better About Being HumanFemale Human AnimalFilm Against HumanityFire-Maker: How Humans Were Designed to Harness Fire and Transform Our PlanetFirst in HumanFixed: The Science/Fiction of Human EnhancementFlies Ain't HumanFlorentino Soria: un humanista del cineFor Defense for Freedom for HumanityForbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human RaceForce Multipliers: How Transportation and Supply Chain Stakeholders are Combatting Human TraffickingFreedom Matters: a Call for Action Against Human TraffickingFrom Butterflies to HumansFrom Human Life. BohemiaFuresshuman wakadaishôFuture of Fitness: How Technology is Reshaping the Human BodyG.A.P.H.: Genetically Altered Pseudo HumansGemeinderätin SchumannGenetics of Human Origins and AdaptationGhost in the Shell: Hard-Wired Humanity - Making Ghost in the ShellGhosts-Schumann's VisitGirls Against HumanityGlobalization & Human RightsGo HumanGod Offers Human Race on eBayGorillas... 98.6% HumanGravity's Effect on Humans with Bill Nye the Science GuyGreat Moments in Human InteractionGreat Transitions: The Origin of HumansGreatest Monster-Human Sex ScenesGreg Loves a HumanGrégoire Moulin contre l'humanitéGrow a HumanGuts: The Strange and Mysterious World of the Human StomachH.B. Human BombHa Dong Chae Bok: A Song of Two HumansHabitat for Humanity ReStore PSAHabitat for Humanity's Hollywood for HabitatHabitat for Humanity's Imperial Highway DedicationHalf HumanHalf HumanHalf Human Half VampireHappy HumansHappy HumansHAS/HAS Human Audio Sponge: Live in Barcelona-TokyoHäuser für Menschen - Humaner Wohnbau in ÖsterreichHDEC: Humans Do Exist ClubHealthy Human SpecimenHeart vs Mind: What Makes Us Human?Heart: The Common HumanityHearts of HumanityHearts of HumanityHearts That Are HumanHellyeah: HumanHelp Me Have No Human WaysHere Come the HumansHighly Evolved HumanHis Faith in HumanityHoly Bones the Human Skeletal SystemHope for HumanityHope for HumanityHorrible Horrible HumanHouse of the Lonesome Human BeingsHouseholds & HumansHouses and HumansHow Human Are You?How to Be a Decent Human BeingHow to Be HumanHow to Be HumanHow to Build a HumanHow to Build a HumanHow to Draw a Human HeartHow to Use Dianetics: A Visual Guidebook to the Human MindHR: Human RelationsHumanHumanHumanHumanHumanHumanHumanHumanHumanHumanHumanHumanHumanHumanHumanHumanHumanHumanHuman 001Human AchievementHuman AffairsHuman After AllHuman ApocalypseHuman ApprenticeHuman AssemblyHuman BeginningsHuman BehaviorHuman BehaviorHuman BehaviorHuman BehaviourHuman BeingHuman BeingHuman BeingsHuman BeingsHuman Beings: PartiesHuman Body: Pushing the LimitsHuman BombHuman Bowling ShowdownHuman by any Other NameHuman CannonballHuman CargoHuman CargoHuman CargoHuman CargoHuman CargoHuman CargoesHuman CartoonHuman CattleHuman Centipede 3 Parody with Bree OlsonHuman Centipede AnonymousHuman ClayHuman CodeHuman Code: Emotions/SocietyHuman Code: Sleep/Water with Justin Bieber and Craig HealyHuman CollateralHuman ConditionHuman ContactHuman Contract: Roll of FilmHuman CopidanumHuman CoreHuman CrossingHuman CrossroadsHuman DayHuman DesireHuman DesireHuman DesiresHuman DesiresHUMAN DOLLSHuman Drama: The Liar InsideHuman DriftwoodHuman EclipseHuman EdgeHuman EntitiesHuman ErrorHuman ErrorHuman ErrorHuman Evolution and the Nature of ScienceHuman Experience: Here with MeHuman ExperimentsHuman ExperimentzHuman ExpressHuman Extinction Part 2Human Eye: Chew Raw MeatHuman Eye: Gettin' MeanHuman FaceHuman FailingHuman FeelingsHuman Fidget SpinnerHuman File #752Human FishHuman Flight 3DHuman FlowHuman Flying DroneHuman FormHuman Game 2: The Culling of a KingHuman Game 3: The RevelationHuman GarbageHuman GardenHuman GeographyHuman GiantHuman HarvestHuman Heart ExplodesHuman HeartsHuman HeartsHuman HeartsHuman HeartsHuman Hearts on Half DomeHuman HeroHuman HibachiHuman HighwayHuman HijackHuman HoundsHuman HuntersHuman IdiotzHuman IgnitionHuman ImpactHUMAN ImpactHuman InfernoHuman Installation I: Gender ObsolescenceHuman InstinctHuman InstinctsHuman InterestHuman InterestHuman KapitalHuman KindnessHuman LabHuman Lampshade: A Holocaust MysteryHuman Lie DetectorHUMAN LimitsHUMAN LimitsHuman Mating in Changing SeasonsPretty DeadHuman MigrationHuman MutantsHuman NatureHuman NatureHuman NatureHuman NatureHuman NatureHuman NatureHuman NatureHuman NatureHuman NatureHuman NatureHuman NatureHuman NatureHuman NatureHuman Nature Jukebox from the VenetianHuman Nature Sings MotownHuman Nature: Creating It Comes at NightHuman Nature: Giorgio Armani - Films of City FramesHuman No MoreHuman No More: The FeatureHuman PaperweightHuman PassionsHuman PatternsHuman PeopleHuman PlanetHuman PlayHuman PotentialHuman PotentialHuman PredicamentHuman PreyHuman PreyHuman PyramidHuman Race 3DHuman RedHuman RemainsHuman RemainsHuman Remains: The Fonte Bund Band LiveHuman Report 85616Human ReproductionHuman ResourceHuman ResourceHuman ResourceHuman Resource"Jacksepticeye" Human Resource MachineHuman ResourcesHuman ResourcesHuman ResourcesHuman ResourcesHuman ResourcesHuman ResourcesHuman ResourcesHuman ResourcesHuman ResourcesHuman ResourcesHuman ResourcesHuman ResourcesHuman ResourcesHuman ResourcesHuman ResourcesHuman ResourcesHuman Resources DocumentaryHuman Resources Engineering DepartmentHuman Resources: HRHuman Resources: Sick Days Aren't A GameHuman RevolutionHuman RevolutionHuman Rights EverydayHuman Rights, Human WrongsHuman SafariHuman SailboatHuman SchoolHuman SeasonHuman SensesHuman SexHuman SkabHuman SkinsHuman SlayerHuman SpectrumHuman StoriesHuman StoryHuman StuffHuman SunHuman SupplyHuman SwarmHuman TargetHuman TargetHuman TargetHuman TargetsHuman TelegraphsHuman ThreadsHuman TimebombsHuman TouchHuman TouchHuman TouchHuman TouchHuman Touch & Babis PapadopoulosHuman TracesHuman TradeHuman TrafficHuman TrafficHuman TraffickingHuman TraffickingHuman Trials: Testing the Aids VaccineHuman TsunamiHuman UnipedeHuman UnityHuman UniverseHuman VesselHuman VirusHuman vs. PacManHuman WasteHuman WeaponHuman WorldHuman WreckageHuman WreckageHuman WreckageHuman Wrecking BallsHuman WrongsHuman ZooHuman ZooHuman ZoosHuman, a Depressed MachineHuman, All Too HumanHuman, Being TomHuman's earthHuman's LibHuman/BeingHumanaHumanahumHumanap Ka Ng PangetHumanateeHumanda ka babalikan kitaHumanda ka Mayor!: Bahala na ang DiyosHumanda ka traidorHumanda ka... Ikaw ang susunodHumanda Kayo! Leon Sagrado!humaneHumane PathsHumane ResourcesHumane ResourcesHumane SocietyHumane TreatmentHumanes TötenHumanesqueHumanetteHumanettes No. 1Humanettes No. 12Humanettes No. 2Humanettes No. 3Humanettes No. 4Humanettes No. 6Humanettes No. 7Humanettes No. 8Humanettes No. 9HumanhuntersHumanidadHumanidadHumanidad, hasta donde nos vas a llevar (1945-1949)HumanimalHumanimals: Dog's BodyHumanismin ikäväHumanistHumanistenHumanitaire!L'HumanitéHumanité 2.0HumanityHumanityHumanityHumanityHumanityHumanityHumanityHumanityHumanityHumanityHumanityHumanityHumanityHumanity and Paper BalloonsHumanity AscendingHumanity Dressed in SatireHumanity from SpaceHumanity Has DeclinedHumanity Hyuck Hyuck!!!Humanity in the RoughHumanity MongoliaHumanity School of UnderstandingHumanity Through the AgesHumanity Unites DailyHumanity; or, Only a JewHumanity's EndHumanity's End?Humanity's Last Line of DefenseHumanizedHumanizingHumanizing Mr. WinsbyHumankindHumanlyHumanly ImpossibleHumano TartarHumano/AnimalHumanoidHumanoïdHumanoide no robotHumanoids from AtlantisHumanoids from the DeepHumanoids from the DeepHumanos - A Vida em VariaçõesHumanos ao vivo no Coliseu dos Receios de LisboaHumanos con patatasHumanos en el CaminoHumanos y BrillantesHumanos y divinosHumanos: Maria AlbertinaHumanpersonsHumansHumansHumansHumansHumansHumansHumans & HouseholdsHumans and TreesHumans Are RealHumans BeingHumans Being: V.I.PHumans Can Lick TooHumans in FrameHumans in TrainingHumans Lick TooHumans Like OurselvesHumans Need Not ApplyHumans of My BedHumans of New York Out LoudHumans of SomeoneHumans vs ZombiesHumans vs Zombies: A DocumentaryHumans vs. ZombiesHumans: Conciencia colectivaHumans: Persona SyntheticsHumanTownHumanum EstHumanWeb Inc.HumanXDesignHumanzee: The Human ChimpHumanzee!HumanzooHunting HumansHybrid World: The Plan to Modify and Control the Human RaceI Am a Human DirectionalI Am an Encounter at the Twilight of HumanityI Am HumanI Am HumanI Am HumanI Am Not for Sale: The Fight to End Human TraffickingI Ate Some Human Meat, Turned Into a Cannibal, and Ate My FriendI Have the Greatest Comment Sections in Human HistoryI Pass for HumanI, Dolemite Part II: The Human TornadoI, HumanI, HumanIf Your Dog Was a HumanImperfectly HumanIn a Bid to Destroy Itself Faster, Twitter to Ban 'Dehumanizing' SpeechIn GuerraIn HumanIn Humans We TrustIn the Crossfire: Louise Arbour and the Battle for Human RightsIn the Shadow of HumansIncredible Human MachineIndigno de ser humanoInhumanInhumanInhuman ConditionInhuman Eating MachineInhuman ResourcesInhuman TraffickInhuman: The Next and Final Phase of Man Is HereInhumaneInhumaneInhumaneInhumaneI Am LisaInHumane ResourcesInhumane ResourcesInhumanitiesInhumanities II: Modern AtrocitiesInhumanityInhumanityInhumanoidInHumanoidsInHumanoids: The MovieInhumansInhumansInhumanwich!Inside Extraordinary Humans: Science of Conjoined TwinsInside Extraordinary Humans: The Science of DwarfismInside Extraordinary Humans: The Science of GigantismInside the Human BodyInside the Superhuman World of the IcemanInstitute Benjamenta, or This Dream That One Calls Human LifeIntolerance, or Best Places in the World Are Places Where Human Left No TracesIRIS: Human Technology for AllIs He Not Human?ISIS: Enemies of HumanityIt's Hard to Be HumanJaegers Echo Human GraceJake Estrada's the Human VirusJam Packed: The Challenge of Human OverpopulationJamil: And Finally, HumanityJardines HumanosJaula HumanaJe suis l'humanitéJogidas KhumanJogidas KhumanJosh Kirby: Time Warrior! Chap. 2: The Human PetsJourney Through Time: The Human StoryJourney to Be HumanJulian Casablancas & The Voidz: Human SadnessJust Like a HumanKalimán en el siniestro mundo de HumanónKarl Marx Didn't Understand Human Nature and Communism Is a LieKees: Brushes and Human BeingsKenny Loggins: Vox HumanaKids Prank HumansKill All HumansKing's Quest III Redux: To Heir Is HumanKing's Quest III: To Heir Is HumanKnow Human TraffickingKung Fu: Human AchievementKyleigh Kuhn, Model & Humanitarian: A Stylish LifeL. Boogie: Just HumanLa aventura humanaLa bestia humanaLa hiena humanaLa momia azteca contra el robot humanoLa Pared Humana: the Human WallLa voz humanaLast HumansThe HitLast Shelter of HumanityLe drapeau de l'humanitéLeave Humanity BehindLeave Humanity Behind: Dusty HanshawLesa humanitatLess Human Than HumanLess Human Than Human Part 2: The BeginningLess Than HumanLess than HumanLet's Not Become Murderers Instead of Humans!Life on Mars with Thin(k) Blank HumanLive Wire 2: Human TimebombLiving on the Edge of Disaster: Climate's Human CostLoading HumanLos Otros Humanos: AbominableLos Otros Humanos: EternoLos trashumantesLose Like a HumanLove & Human RemainsLove All HumansLove, Pancakes and the Human ConditionLucy, the First HumanMachine of Human DreamsMadonna: Human NatureMagic for HumansMap of the Human HeartMarching on Memphis: The Making of a Humanitarian Relief ConcertMartha Argerich spielt SchumannMartin Buber, itinéraire d'un humanisteMaterial humanoMaxi Priest: Human Work of ArtMech: Human TrialsMédecins sans frontières: Human BallMelita: A Human JourneyMensch (Human)Meth Inside Out: Human ImpactMinds Wide Open: unlocking the potential of the human brainMIS Human Secret WeaponMme. Ernestine Schumann-HeinkMo Dundee Observes the Mating Rituals of HumansModel No. HumanMore Human Than HumanMore Than HumanMore Than HumanMostly Human with Laurie SegallMr. Bean's Holiday: The Human BeanMusculos Superficiaes do Corpo HumanoMuseum of Human HistoryMusica - Dr. Robert Schumann, TeufelsromantikerMutant: Leaving Humanity BehindMysteries of the Human VoiceNational Geographic: Human FootprintNational Geographic: The Incredible Human BodyNaturaleza HumanaNature Among Humans: Animal ImpactNecro: The Human Traffic King - White Slavery Pt. 2Negative HumansNeo-Humans: AuroreNeurotic Episodes of the Human MaleNew Human New Earth New HumanityNew HumanityNew HumansNicolas Stromback: Still Only HumanNight of the Day of the Dawn of the Son of the Bride of the Return of the Revenge of the Terror of the Attack of the Evil Mutant Hellbound Flesh Eating Crawling Alien Zombified Subhumanoid Living Dead, Part 5Night of the Day of the Dawn of the Son of the Bride of the Return of the Revenge of the Terror of the Attack of the Evil, Mutant, Hellbound, Flesh-Eating Subhumanoid Zombified Living Dead, Part 3Nik Kershaw: Human RacingNo HumanosNo Humans InvolvedNòmades de la condició humanaNot for Human ConsumptionNot HumanNot HumanNot Quite HumanNot Quite Human IIO Circo das Qualidades HumanasO Lobo do Homem ou Relações HumanasO Servidor da HumanidadeObservations of an Android Clinging on to Memories of the Human RaceOf Human BondageOf Human BondageOf Human BondageOf Human HeartsOf Monsters and Men: Human - Lyric VideoOf Superhuman BondageOh the HumanityOh the Humanity!OkCupid's Human ExperimentsOn Being HumanOn the Choice of Human SacrificeOnce HumanOnly HumanOnly HumanOnly HumanOnly HumanOnly HumanOnly HumanOnly HumanOnly HumanOnly HumanOnly HumanOnly HumanOnly HumanOnly HumanOnly HumanOnly HumansOnly HumansOpposable Thumbs: Lessons in Human BehaviourOrigins: The Journey of HumankindOur Younger Cousin the Neo-HumanPablo Casals: Musician/HumanistPanasonic Now Selling Reality-Reducing Head Sets: Human Horse BlindersHuman Trafficking in USA & MexicoPeople in Motion: Redesigning the Human MachinePeople Not HumansPerception and Action: The Importance and Contributions of Non-human Animal Research in PsychologyPerfectly Realized Human BeingPersecución humanaPersones humanesPetróleo en Ecuador: Una historia de energía humanaPhillip HumanPimple's HumanityPlan Annihilation of Humans from Outer SpacePlaying God: Human CloningPopulation Explosion: The Human BombPost Human W.A.R.Post-HumanPost-HumanPosthumanPosthumanPostHumanPosthumanismaniarama!Pretty Good for a HumanProcessing Human BrainsProject HumanProject: HumanPsychology: The Human ExperiencePuppet Life: Human DatingQuest for HumanityRag'n'Bone Man: HumanRaised HumanRam GhumanRampage is HumanRebecca: HumanRebuilt: The Human Body ShopRecursos humanosRecursos humanosRecursos humanosRedoma HumanaRemain HumaneReminding Myself of My HumanityRevenge of the HumanoidsRick Springfield: Human TouchRicky Gervais: HumanityRights & Wrongs: Human Rights TelevisionRise of the Alahuman GatorsRisologistas - A Arte de HumanizarRobert Newman: From Caliban to Taliban - 500 Years of Humanitarian InterventionRobert Schuman - Europäer von GeburtRobert Schuman zum GedenkenRobert Schumann - Clara Wieck - Johannes BrahmsRobert Schumann - Das Paradies und die PeriRobert Schumann - Piano Masterpieces (9)Robert Schumann - Worte sind TöneRobert Schumanns verlorene TräumeRoberto Clemente: A Video Tribute to One of Baseball's Greatest Players and a True HumanitarianRobo-humansRobot Adventures with Robosapien and Friends: Humanoid RobotsRobot and Human ReviewRobot Immortality, Human ImpermanenceRobot Love, Human IndifferenceRothko, un humaniste abstraitRough Cut: Genocide and Crimes Against HumanityROVER: Or Beyond Human - The Venusian Future and the Return of the Next LevelRuby Wax: How to Be HumanRumku JhumanaS.S. HumanityS.W.V.: Right Here, Human Nature RemixSatya (More than human)Saving the Human RaceSaving the Human Race: WebisodesSchumann Fantasy Pieces for Cello and PianoSchumann, Schubert und der SchneeSchumann: The SymphoniesSchumanns BargesprächeSeal: Human BeingsSecret Life of the Human PupsSeeing Is Believing: Handicams, Human Rights and the NewsSer Humano7 TruthsSex+Money: A National Search for Human WorthSexual Revolution: 50 Years Since Humanae VitaeShame: The Search for HumanitySheldon, le squelle humanisteShortcut a Path to HumanityShortcut: A Path to HumanityShreds of HumanitySimiente humanaFreakishly NormalSingle Miserable HumanSkye Sweetnam: HumanSlow Fires: On the Preservation of the Human RecordSnake with a Human TailSo Far Above Humans They AreSo Much for HumanitySo My Roommate Made the Human Centipede: True Tales of Legendary FilmsSome HumansSpace Shuttle: Human Time Bomb?Spontaneous Human CombustionSpontaneous Human CombustionSpontaneous Human CombustionSports Humanitarian of the Year AwardsSports Humanitarian of the Year AwardsSports Humanitarian of the Year AwardsStan Lee's SuperhumansStill HumanLun lok yanStill HumanStill Not Quite HumanStolen Innocence: India's Untold Story of Human TraffickingStone Tools and the Evolution of Human BehaviorStories on Human RightsStrange Human CustomSubhumaneSuffering from the Human ConditionSuper HumanSuper HumanSuper Human QuestSuperhumanSuperhumanSuperhumanSuperhumanSuperhumanSuperHumanSuperhumanSuperhumanSUPERhumanSuperhumanSuperhumanSuperhuman Samurai Syber-SquadSuperhuman, Not SuperheroSuperhuman: GeniusSuperhuman: GiantsSuperhuman: Super StrongSuperhuman: The invisible made visible.SuperhumansSuperhumans: The Making of 'Hancock'Tak for Alt: Survival of a Human SpiritTaking Sexual Assault Seriously: The Rape Kit Backlog and Human RightsTelltale Genes: Charting Human DiseaseTestimony of the Human SpiritThe 'Human' FactorThe 16th Annual Humanitarian Awards Dinner of National Conference of Christians and JewsThe 5th Annual National WAIF Humanitarian AwardsThe Age of HumansThe Agony and Sweat of the Human SpiritThe Ancient Order of Human ResourcesThe Annual Humanitarian of Year Honors Aaron SpellingThe Arctic: Consequences of Human FollyThe Art of Human SalvageThe Art of Human SalvageThe Body HumanThe Body Human: Becoming a ManThe Body Human: Becoming a WomanThe Body Human: Facts for BoysThe Body Human: Facts for GirlsThe Body Human: The Body BeautifulThe Body Human: The Living CodeThe Body Human: The Loving Process - MenThe Body Human: The Loving Process - WomenThe Body Human: The Magic SenseThe Body Human: The Miracle MonthsThe Body Human: The Red RiverThe Body Human: The SexesThe Body Human: The Vital ConnectionThe Canine Human Bond: A Working RelationshipThe Collective Evolution II: The Human ExperienceThe Complex Relationship Between Humans and HerbologyThe Cooperative HumanThe Council For Humanity and the Idea Crisis of 2015The Covered HumanThe Creation of the HumanoidsThe Curse of HumanityThe Deepest Truth of Human ExistenceThe Demon Slayer (Of Humans)The Design of HumankindThe Domestication of HumansThe Duke: Fate of HumanityThe Edge of HumanityThe Edge: Bruce Anderson - Natural HumanshipThe Flag of HumanityThe Great Human OdysseyThe Great Human RaceThe Gregarious HumanThe Handbook of Human Ownership: A Manual for New Tax FarmersThe Hands of Clara SchumannThe Heart of HumanityThe Hero: Service to HumanityThe Horse with the Human MindThe HumanThe HumanThe Human AdventureThe Human AdventureThe Human AnimalThe Human AppThe Human BananaThe Human BatThe Human BeeingThe Human Behavior ExperimentsThe Human Blarney Stone: The Life and Films of Brian Desmond HurstThe Human BodyThe Human BodyThe Human BodyThe Human Body, Our FriendThe Human Body: Secrets of Your Life RevealedThe Human BombThe Human BoogerThe Human BrainThe Human BridgeThe Human CactusThe Human CalculatorThe Human CameraThe Human CauldronThe Human Centipede (First Sequence)The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence)The Human Centipede III (Final Sequence)The Human ChainThe Human ChairThe Human ClayThe Human CollisionThe Human ComedyThe Human ComedyThe Human ConditionThe Human ConditionThe Human ConditionThe Human ConditionThe Human ConditionThe Human Condition I: No Greater LoveThe Human Condition II: Road to EternityThe Human Condition III: A Soldier's PrayerThe Human Condition of the Green FlamingoThe Human ContractThe Human Cost of PiracyThe Human CowThe Human Crocodile: Sgeulachd Edward PritchardThe Human DiseaseThe Human DuplicatorsThe Human EffectThe Human ElementThe Human EnigmaThe Human EquationThe Human ErrorThe Human ErrorThe Human ExperienceThe Human Experience SeriesThe Human ExperimentThe Human ExperimentThe Human ExperimentThe Human ExperimentThe Human FaceThe Human FaceThe Human FaceThe Human Face of Big DataThe Human FactorThe Human FactorThe Human FactorThe Human FactorThe Human Factor with Derek CarltonThe Human Factor: Exacting Revenge of the FallenThe Human FactoryThe Human Family TreeThe Human Figure in MotionThe Human FishThe Human FlameThe Human FlyThe Human FogThe Human FootprintThe Human GambleThe Human GlitchThe Human GoldfishThe Human GoldfishThe Human HamboneThe Human HenThe Human HieroglyphThe Human in ThemThe Human InvestmentThe Human JourneyThe Human JungleThe Human JungleThe Human KazooThe Human KindThe Human LanguageThe Human League: (Keep Feeling) FascinationThe Human League: Don't You Want MeThe Human League: HumanThe Human League: Live at the DomeThe Human League: The Very Best ofThe Human MenaceThe Human MonsterThe Human Motion Show DVD'sThe Human NatureThe Human NumberThe Human OctopusThe Human OctopusThe Human Office: Staying HumanThe Human OrchidThe Human PendulumThe Human Preservation ProjectThe Human PressThe Human PretzelThe Human ProjectThe Human ProjectThe Human ProjectThe Human QualityThe Human RaceThe Human Resources ManagerThe Human RevolutionThe Human RobotThe Human RouletteThe Human ScaleThe Human SculpturesThe Human SexesThe Human ShieldThe Human ShieldThe Human SideThe Human SideThe Human SmurfsThe Human SoulThe Human SparkThe Human Spider II (Full Sequence)The Human Spider: First SequenceThe Human StainThe Human StainThe Human SyndromeThe Human TargetThe Human TargetThe Human TelegramThe Human TerrorThe Human ThingThe Human TigerThe Human TigerThe Human TorchThe Human TornadoThe Human TornadoThe Human TorpedoThe Human TowerThe Human TraceThe Human Trafficking CaseThe Human TrialThe Human TrialThe Human VaporThe Human VirusThe Human VoiceThe Human VoiceThe Human VoiceThe Human VoiceThe Human VoiceThe Human WarThe Human WebThe Human Wrinkle FreeThe Human ZooThe Humane ComedyThe HumanistThe Humanitarian AwardThe HumanitariansThe Humanity BureauThe Humanity CodeThe HumanoidThe HumanoidThe Humanoid RaceThe Humans Are ComingThe Humans of TaraThe Imperfect HumanThe Incredible Human JourneyThe InHuman Experience: A Look Back at the InhumansThe Interrogation or Why I Stopped Caring About the Fate of HumanityThe Killers: HumanThe Kingdom of Human HeartsThe Kumbh Mela 2013: The Largest Human Festival EverThe Last Days of HumanityThe Last HumanThe Last Human in the Milky WayThe Last Human Militia: Bravo TeamThe Last of HumanKindThe Law of Human GravityThe Law of HumanityThe Lost Empire of HumanityThe Machine That Dreamt of Humans & InsectsThe Magician and the Human PumpThe Making of Humanoids from the DeepThe Making of the Fittest: Natural Selection in HumansThe Mating Habits of the Earthbound HumanThe Nearest Human BeingThe Oddities of Human NatureThe Old Doctor's HumanityThe Origin: Five Elements of Human CivilizationThe Package: A Tale of Human TraffickingThe Perfect Human - A Love StoryThe Perfect HumanThe Perfect HumanThe Perfect Human DietThe Perfect HumansThe Posthuman ProjectThe Price of Human LivesThe Raid of the Human TigersThe Real Human BeingThe Real Superhumans and the Quest for the Future FantasticThe Rise and Fall of Phyllis, the Human DuckThe Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award on PBSThe Schumann StoryThe Simon Wiesenthal Center Annual Humanitarian Awards Honoring Anatoly ScharanskyThe SubhumanThe Super HumanThe Superhuman Body HandbookThe Superior Human?Inkan, gongkan, sikan grigo inkanThe Transhumance of PeaceThe Trouble with Being Human These DaysThe Truth About Critical Cycles in Human HistoryThe Universal Declaration of Human RightsThe Universal Declaration of Human Rights: A Reaction and Reformation to How We Treat Our Fellow Human BeingsThe Value of a Single Human BeingThe War on HumansTHE: Total Human ExperienceTheology of Human Suffering: Understanding the Redemptive Nature of Human SufferingTheories of Human AffectionTheories of Human DevelopmentThink Blank Human MetamorphosisThose Girls: HumanitariansTill Human Voices Wake UsTill Human Voices Wake UsTill Human Voices Wake Us'Till Human Voices Wake Us and We DrownTKO an Human ExperimentTo Err Is HumanTo Feel HumanTo Feel Human IITo Hare Is HumanTo Heir Is HumanToda la humanidad habla de TroyaTodos somos humanosTokio Hotel: Humanoid City LiveTom Papa: Human MuleToo Close to Home: Human Trafficking in Tampa BayToo HumanTotsugeki! Human!!Traficantes de organos Humanos: los ayudantes de satanasTráiler (Humanidad, alimento de los dioses)Trans Rights Are Human RightsTranshumanTranshumanceTranshumancesTranshumanism Is Dumb: Here's WhyTräumereien - nicht von SchumannTree: Human Life in ItTrue HumanUma Aventura no Corpo HumanoUn Musée Pour l'HumanitéUn-HumanUne petite note d'humanitéUnhuman NatureUnhumansUniverse: The Human ExperienceUpside Down; or, The Human FliesUthumaneniVan Halen: Humans BeingVisions of a Universal HumanityWalking with Life: The Birth of a Human Rights Movement in AfricaWallis Sings SchumannWalter Graham the Human MarionetteWar on Terra: A Global Conspiracy Against HumanityWarcraft: Orcs & HumansWarm Human MagicWe Are HumanWe Are HumanityWe Are Only HumanWe Are, Human, After AllWe HumansWe Were HumanWe'll Test It on HumansWe're Only HumanWe're the SuperhumansWhat Makes Us HumanWhat Makes Us HumanWhat Makes Us Human?When Humans Chicken OutWhen I Was a HumanWhere the Humans EatWhite Zombie: More Human Than HumanWhoa, I'm Dating a... Monogamous HumanWhy NASA Won't Send Humans to MarsWild Animals, Domesticated HumansWild HumansWith Human InstinctWonderland or Human Beings Who Dance and TalkWork & Happiness: The Human Cost of WelfareWorking Lives: Human TrafficX: The Human ConditionY el cine marcha. Una historia del cine al servicio de los Derechos HumanosYou the Human AnimalYou, Human!You, Me and the Sea: Human Impact and the Coastal EvergladesYou're Human Like the Rest of ThemZLTV meets Christeene at the Museum of Human Achievement

...no?  Not even close?  Well then, I guess it's all just BACK TO THE KILLING SEASON THEN!!!  I MEAN, BACK TO THE BULLETIN BOARD THEN!!!  Drawing board; Ooo0*@%Q¤©®ºÒÓÔÕÖØÞðòóôõöøþCCCCDÐGGGGŒ?OOOUUUUUUÐOOOO‰@8ØÔþøöõôóðëêéèçæåäãâßÞÜÛÚÙØ×ÖÕԣܢoopoops... sorry about shouting.  Well, let's try that second word, then.  Was it 1561-1961, Capitalidad y rango de Madrid?  No, I think it takes place in America.  2001 Capital One Florida Citrus Bowl perhaps?  No, it's a drama, not a sports event.  2002 Capital One Florida Citrus Bowl2003 Capital One Bowl2003 PlainsCapital Fort Worth Bowl2006 Capital One Bowl2007 Capital One Bowl?  No, no... sigh.  How many of these damn BOWLS are there?  Okay, back to it.  How about 2008 Capital One Bowl2009 Capital One Bowl2010 Capital One Bowl2011 Capital One Bowl2012 Capital One Bowl2013 Capital One Bowl2014 Capital One Bowl2015 Capital One Orange Bowl2016 Capital One Orange Bowl24/7 Penguins/Capitals4: Capitulo 1: Prieto56 Annual Capital Emmy Awards7 fugas del capitán fantasma7 Peccati Capitali in Cortometraggi D'Autore8 mai 1945 La Capitulation95.8 Capital FM Christmas Live95.8 Capital FM's Party in the Park for the Prince's Trust 200395.8 Capital FM's Party in the Park for the Prince's Trust 2004A CapitalA Capital CaseA Capital dos MortosA Capital dos Mortos 2: Mundo MortoA Capital FederalA Capital PlanA Capitol FourthA Capitol FourthA Capitol FourthA Capitol FourthA Capitol FourthA Capitol FourthA Capitol FourthA Capitol FourthA Capitol FourthA Capitol FourthA Capitol FourthA Capitol FourthA Capitol FourthA Capitol Fourth?  ...wow!  That's a very popular title!  That's why I'm not in showbiz.  How about Acústico MTV: Capital Inicial?  Ah yes, the scourge of MTV continues to spread and mutate.  Will the rest of the world ever forgive us?  How about Adventure CapitalAdventure CapitalistsAIWF: Capital PunishmentAlciede CapitaneAlla capitaleAmerican History TV: Integration of U.S. Capitol Page ProgramAs aventuras do capitán HixiénicoAsh Wednesday: Capitulo UnusAssault on El CapitanAventuras del capitán GuidoBack to the CapitalBain Capital - We're Not So Bad!Battle Angels: Capital PunishmentBecome Rich with CapitalismBeijing: Biography of an Imperial CapitalBernie Waldoff Investment Securities IOU CapitalBig Brother VIP: MéxicoBlues por la muerte de un capitánBobby G: Adventure CapitalistJim and Sarah Brady: A TributeBritain's Ancient Capital: Secrets of OrkneyBritain's Crime CapitalsBrookeville: Capital for a DayBuenos Aires capitalCactus Jack: Lone Star on Capitol HillCalifornia Capitol ReviewCanada Rocks the CapitalCanada's Capital: Behind the ScenesCap sur une capitale du capitalismeCapità EscalabornsCapitães da AreiaCapitães da AreiaCapitain FutureCapitaine AchabCapitaine AchabCapitaine ArdantCapitaine au long coursCapitaine BlometCapitaine Casta: Amélie a disparuCapitaine CyranoCapitaine de soiréeCapitaine LawrenceCapitaine MarleauCapitaine PantoufleCapitaine SingridCapitaine TavernierCapitaine tempêteCapitaine XCapitaine XCapitaines des ténèbresCapitaisCapitalCapitalCapitalCapitalCapitalCapital (Todo el mundo va a Buenos Aires)CapitalCapitalCapitalCapital Account with Lauren LysterCapital AdviceCapital Arms: When My Love Is EmptyCapital CCapital CirculanteCapital Cities: Kangaroo CourtCapital Cities: Safe and SoundCapital CityCapital CityCapital Comedy ConnectionCapital Community ChurchCapital ConnectionCapital ConversationCapital CultureCapital DCapital Eats with Tracey HollowayCapital ExecutionCapital FM Jingle Bell Ball 2012Capital for EternityCapital for the CanopyCapital GainsCapital GamesCapital Grupera con furiaCapital Heartbreak & Sweetness: 17 DC PoetsCapital HillCapital humàCapital ICapital InfernoCapital LettersCapital LettersCapital LivesCapital MenCapital NewsCapital of PainCapital of SorrowCapital of the NorthCapital One Cup TonightCapital P"Paytakht" Episode #2.1"Paytakht" Episode #1.1Capital PunishmentCapital PunishmentCapital PunishmentCapital PunishmentCapital PunishmentCapital PunishmentCapital PunishmentCapital PunishmentCapital ranchoCapital RideCapital ScandalCapital Style FilesCapital SweetheartCapital TonightCapital V for VirtueCapital ViceCapital VisitCapital vs. LaborCapital WomenCapital Wrestling AllianceCapital: Impressions of Early EmpireCapitale SacraleCapitales del FutbolCapitali culturali d'EuropaCapitalismCapitalism at Crossroad StreetCapitalism Hits the FanCAPITALISM in three Aspect RatiosCapitalism Is the CrisisCapitalism Never DiesCapitalism Rocks!Capitalism Runs on CoffeeCapitalism vs. MarxismCapitalism: A Love StoryCapitalism: The MovieCapitalismo SelvagemCapitalist PigsCapitalizationCapitalyCapitanCapitán AntitabacoCapitan BasilicoCapitan Basilico 2 - I Fantastici 4+4Capitan BlancoCapitán Bola OchoCapitan CosmosCapitán de ruralesCapitan DemonioCapitán EspañaCapitan ExpertusCapitan FracassaCapitan FracassaCapitan FracassaCapitan GeneralCapitán GumerCapitan Hook: HalloweenCapitán Mandarina: EléctricoCapitan PepeCapitan SalgariCapitan TempestaCapitán VenenoCapitanesCapitani di venturaCapitanul Val-VârtejCapitão 7Capitão BrasilCapitão FalcãoCapitão FalcãoCapitão Fausto: TeresaCapitão RobyCapito?Capitol VideoCapitolCapitol CapersCapitol CityCapitol Cloak RoomCapitol CrittersCapitol HillCapitol LawCapitol MurderCapitol PunishmentCapitol Records: The Inside TrackCapitol Reef: Park BasiXCapitol Sins -Capitol TreasureCapitol WrestlingCapituCapituCapitulo 15Carmen! la CapitanaCattle Decapitation: Forced Gender ReassignmentCattle Decapitation: Kingdom of TyrantsCattle Decapitation: Your DisposalCauchemar capitonnéChegada a Esta Capital do Marechal HermesChina's Capitalist RevolutionChissà perché... capitano tutte a meChristmas with a Capital CCiudad CapitalClash in the CapitalClash in the CapitalColored Americans in the Nation's CapitalComment devient-on capitaliste?Consuming Capitalism: A Taste of the American LandscapeCost of CapitalCowboy CapitalistsCPW Capital CarnageCrack CapitalismCulture Locale: Saveur CapitaleDan Cummins: Crazy with a Capital FDas Capital Gulamon Ki RajdhaniBasta CapitalDecapitation in TurkeyDeja Vu: Doppelganger Capitolo FinaleDel rancho a la capitalDel rancho a la capitalDrama CapitolDrama CapitolDystopia: Capitol CityEccezzziunale veramente - Capitolo secondo... meEchec au capitalDecapitariumEi8th, el octavo pecado capitalEl amor del capitán BrandoEl capitá enciamEl CapitanEl capitánEl CapitánEl Capitan and the Land GrabbersEl Capitán CamachoEl capitán CentellasEl capitán MalacaraEl capitán MantarrayaCaptain Orellana and the Possessed VillageEl capitán PérezEl capitán PilusoEl capitan TormentaEl capitán VenenoEl español y los siete pecados capitalesEl tesoro del capitán TornadoEmmanuel Sesiones Inéditas desde Capitol StudiosEvita capitanaFaith, Hope and CapitalFashion CapitalsFive DecapitationsFive Rascals in the Eastern CapitalFrom Albany to Saigon: Vietnam & the Capital RegionGabby Antonio Smashes the Imperialist, White Supremacist, Capitalist Patriarchy!Go Go Live at the Capital CentreHailee Steinfeld & BloodPop: Capital LettersHarry Potter y los 7 pecados capitalesHenry Rollins: Live Tour - CapitalismHet capitoolHoon CapitalI mille giorni di mafia capitaleI sette peccati capitaliI sette vizi della capitaleICW Capital CarnageICW Capital CarnageICW Capital CarnageICW Capital CarnageICW Capital CarnageICW: Capital CarnageHuman CapitalIl capitanoIl capitanoIl capitanoIl capitano degli ussariIl capitano di ferroIl capitano di VeneziaIl Capitano MariaIl capitano neroInauguration of President Roosevelt, Leaving the CapitolInauguration of President Roosevelt. President-Elect Roosevelt, Vice-President-Elect Fairbanks and Escort Going to the CapitolIndieCapitolInside the CapitolIs Capitalism the Real Problem? - Rebutted!It's Everybody's Business: Capitalist Propaganda Cartoon from 1954Je suis capitellophobeJimmie CapitulatesJo Guest Capitol ExposedJogo das DecapitaçõesJustin Hayward: Live in Concert at the Capitol TheatreKidnap CapitalL'âge du capitaineLa CapitaineLa Capitale du BruitLa capitulaciónLa figlia del capitanoLa figlia del capitanoLa figlia del capitanoLa mésaventure du capitaine ClavarocheLa nao CapitanaLa otra vida del capitán ContrerasLa viuda del capitán EstradaLas aventuras del capitán AlatristeLas aventuras del Capitán Piluso en el castillo del terrorLe capitaine BenoîtLe capitaine CraddockLe capitaine FracasseLe capitaine FracasseLe capitaine FracasseLe capitaine jauneLe capitaine noirLe capitaine RascasseCapitalLe capitanLe récit du capitaineLe tre capitaliLe zoo du Capitaine BonhommeLegacy in Stone Restoring New York State's CapitolLérida, capital de la frutaLes aventures de Philibert, capitaine puceauLes aventures du capitaine LucknerLes Bodin's: Bienvenue à la capitaleLes Étoiles du CapitoleLes sept péchés capitaux - I - L'orgueilLes sept péchés capitaux - II - L'avariceLes sept péchés capitaux - III - La luxureLes sept péchés capitaux - IV - L'envieLes sept péchés capitaux - La colèreLes sept péchés capitaux - VI - La colèreLes sept péchés capitaux - VII - La paresseLes sept péchés capitauxLes sept péchés capitauxLetras capitalesLive at the Rialto: The Capitol StepsLocal Heroes: Baseball on Capital Region DiamondsLondon: The CapitalLord Cochrane, Capitán de Mar y GuerraLos 7 pecados capitales ... y mucho másLos 7 pecados capitalesLos CapitanesLos siete pecados capitalesLos siete pecados capitalesLos sobrinos del capitán GrantLos sobrinos del Capitán GrantLove in the Time of CapitalismLucha CapitalMadero y Pino Suárez en la capitalManuale d'amore 2 (Capitoli successivi)Marxism Versus CapitalismMayweather v McGregor: Fight CapitalMcKinley and Cleveland Going to the Capitol"Méliès 88" Méliès 88: Les sept péchés capitauxMi Capitán: Acaba con élMi Capitán: El ColeccionistaMi Capitán: Millones de palabrasMi Capitán: Sal corriendoMi querido capitánMinikin Capital NightsMlle. CapitaineMurda CapitalMurder CapitalMurder Capital of the WorldNHL: Washington Capitals 10 Greatest GamesNotes from the Capital: Temporary InsanityNura: Rise of the Yokai Clan: Demon CapitalO Balão do Capitão LippiO Capitão Bandeira Contra o Dr. Moura BrasilO capitão chamava CarlosOn l'appelle Capitaine FranceOne Night in the Capital CityOs Olhos de CapituPandemonium, the Hell's Capital CityParis, capitale de la dansePasqualino Cammarata... capitano di fregataPecado CapitalPecado CapitalPecado CapitalPecados capitalesPecados capitalesPecats capitalsPedro e o CapitánPedro y el capitánPer CapitaPiège pour une exécution capitalePlastic Surgery Capital of the WorldPoyraz Karayel: Global CapitalPresident McKinley and Escort Going to the CapitolPresident McKinley Leaving the White House for the CapitolPunk the Capital: Building a Sound MovementRainbow Nation: Pride History of Canada's CapitalRampage: Capital PunishmentRelient K: Live at Capitol StudiosReturn of McKinley from the CapitolRobo en el cine CapitolRoma golpe capitaleRyan's Capitol TourSageata capitanului IonSaving CapitalismScarlet or: A Postmodernist Deconstruction of Young Love Under the Corpocracy of Late-CapitalismScreech of the DecapitatedScrewface CapitalSe7en. Los 7 pecados capitales de provinciaSemana CapitalSheryl Crow Live at the Capitol TheatreShort CapitalismSupercapitalistThe Ataris Live at Capitol MillingThe Capital City: Washington, D.C.The Capital ForumThe Capital GangThe Capital PrizeThe CapitalistThe CapitolThe CapitolThe Capitol Hill GirlsThe Capitulation of the MajorThe Carousel CapitalThe Control of Working CapitalThe Decapitated ChickenThe DecapitatorThe DecapitatorThe Eco CapitalistThe Future Capital: Little Part of YouThe Hunger Games: Capitol Couture - The Styles of PanemThe Hunger Games: Capitol CuisineThe Lions of CapitalismThe Man Who Discovered CapitalismThe Obligatory Decapitation FinaleThe Private CapitalThe Wisdom to Survive: Climate Change, Capitalism & Community"THS Investigates" Chandra Levy and the Capital MurdersUm Certo Capitão RodrigoUm Dia na Capital do ImpérioUm Novo CapitalismoUn capitalisme sentimentalUn capitan de CosacosUn capitán de quince añosUn ingeniero en la capitalUne semaine de bonté ou les sept éléments capitauxUWF: Capital Punishment IIVConscious: Capital OneVittorio, Capitan Pistone... e tutti gli altriVive Le CapitalVolando en las Alas del Tiempo - Capítulo 1: El Hoy y el AyerVolando en las Alas del Tiempo - Capítulo 2: NostalgiaVolando en las Alas del Tiempo - Capítulo 3: Buenos Aires y un Millón de MemoriasWalt Roesner and the CapitoliansWashington: The Man and the CapitalWCW/NWA Capital CombatWhy Bill Gates Is Wrong About CapitalismWhy Capitalism Exploits Poor People: Not ReallyWoodstock for CapitalistsWorld Capital Market SymposiumWWF Capital CarnageZipi y Zape y la Isla del Capitán

...no?  Not even close?  Well then, I guess it's all just BACK TO THE FOREST THEN!!!  I MEAN, BACK TO THE CLAPBOARD THEN!!!  Drawing board; Ooo0*@%Q¤©®ºÒÓÔÕÖØÞðòóôõöøþCCCCDÐGGGGŒ?OOOUUUUUUÐOOOO‰@8ØÔþøöõôóðëêéèçæåäãâßÞÜÛÚÙØ×ÖÕԣܢoopoops... sorry about shouting... ooh!  The title actually was in there!  Just for a different, probably worse movie.  The last, second debut this week is a variation on the W. Somerset Maugham title about veils that are painted.  I don't get that guy: he's like if John Irving travelled more.  Lot of gravitas up front, proficient in world travelling, not worshipped enough in their own lifetimes.  Well, there's not a lot of titles to choose from this time, so maybe we'll get lucky.  I mean, could it be A Clay Jaguar Painted Red?  No?  Well, how about A Painted House?  That's kind of a silly title.  What house these days isn't painted?  Or at the very least, uses treated wood?  A Painted Scandal perhaps?  Africa's Painted DogsAlfred Stevens: The Man Who Painted WomanAnybody Could've Painted ThatBlack Painted MoonCan't Close a Painted EyeCaptain Ballantine and the Painted LadyCrossing a Painted VesuviusFelica's Fruity Feet/Bell's Painted ToesHaiti: A Painted HistoryHer Painted HeroHer Painted PedigreeLand of the Painted MountainsMarch to Painted RocksOga Kazuo Exhibition: Ghibli No Eshokunin - The One Who Painted Totoro's ForestOn Painted WingsPaintedPaintedPaintedPaintedPaintedPaintedPaintedPainted AngelsPainted AssesPainted Babies at 17Painted BeautyPainted BlackPainted BluePainted DaughtersPainted DesertPainted DesertPainted DreamPainted FacesPainted FacesPainted FacesPainted FirePainted GirlPainted HeroPainted HorsesPainted HousePainted IdentitiesPainted in the DesertPainted LadiesPainted LadyPainted LadyPainted LadyPainted LadyPainted LadyPainted Land: In Search of the Group of SevenPainted LassPainted LawsPainted LiesPainted LipsPainted Live: VEGAS EditionPainted LovePainted LovePainted Love?  Ooh, I LOVE that old Soft Cell number!  Classic.  Still on the radio!  Painted NationPainted OutPainted ParakeetsPainted PeoplePainted PerfectPainted PicturesPainted PlanetsPainted PoniesPainted PostPainted SkinPainted SkinPainted Skin IIPainted SmilesPainted SunPainted TrailPainted VisionsPainted with WordsPainted WomanPat Benatar: Painted DesertPlunderers of Painted FlatsPony Under a Painted SkyPulp Fiction Art: Cheap Thrills & Painted NightmaresRed Roses Painted BlackThe Black and White Maze of the Painted ZebraThe Cult: Painted on My HeartThe Great Butterfly Adventure: Africa to Britain with the Painted LadyThe Heart of a Painted WomanThe Man from Painted PostThe Man Who Painted CatsThe Medico of Painted SpringsThe Painted AnarchistThe Painted AngelThe Painted BirdThe Painted CityThe Painted DesertThe Painted DoorThe Painted FlapperThe Painted GirlThe Painted GunThe Painted HillsThe Painted HillsThe Painted LadyThe Painted LadyThe Painted LadyThe Painted LadyThe Painted LadyThe Painted LadyThe Painted LadyThe Painted Lady BettyThe Painted Lady's ChildThe Painted LieThe Painted LilyThe Painted MadonnaThe Painted MaraThe Painted SoulThe Painted StallionThe Painted StallionThe Painted TrailThe Painted VeilThe Painted VeilThe Painted WarriorThe Painted WomanThe Painted WomanThe Painted WorldThe Painted WorldThe Painted World of Alasius PinkarmyThe Trail of the Painted PoniesThe Treasure of Painted ForestThe Unpainted MoorThe Unpainted PortraitThe Unpainted WomanTurner - The Man Who Painted BritainZebra Painted Donkeys

...no?  Not even close?  Well then, I guess it's all just, like, BACK TO THE MOVEMENT THEN!!!  I MEAN, BACK TO THE BOARDING HOUSE THEN!!!  Drawing board; Ooo0*@%Q¤©®ºÒÓÔÕÖØÞðòóôõöøþCCCCDÐGGGGŒ?OOOUUUUUUÐOOOO‰@8ØÔþøöõôóðëêéèçæåäãâßÞÜÛÚÙØ×ÖÕԣܢoopoops... sorry about shouting.  I better go, but I should make a note of what I learned today!  I learned that when you're drinking a lot of beer, drink a lot of milk at the same time.  You know, to help mask the taste.  Also have something to throw up in close at hand... but I already knew that.  All right, I'm outta here!  Wish me luck!  GOOD luck, not the other kind...

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