Sunday, October 30, 2005

Say It Ain't So, Scooter!

Just got the early Box Office returns. Boy, was I way off! I coulda sworn people would be flocking to Niccy Cage's The Weather Man after that pummeling of an ad campaign. "They were out of tartar sauce ... I'm calling them!" C'mon, folks! Everyone was saying that around the water cooler! ...weren't they? As it stands, it looks like Lord of War made more money. Probably 'cause of Schwartzman. ...correction. I was thinking of Simone. Or Shopgirl, I just can't keep track anymore. Well, Mr. Gore V won't be hurt by this minor setback, as he's still got two POTC sequels to make. Oh, to be that easy! But this does break his streak of having movies at #1 for two weeks in a row. Back to MouseHunt - style success.

Oh but there are other box office stories out there, aren't there? Saw 2, well, what can you say? If that doesn't speak volumes about current demographics, nothing will! Guess they needed something a little stronger than that Fog remake; I mean Selma Blair's no Adrienne Barbeau, unless you count that John Waters movie she did. Then there's that other sequel Zorro 2 which sounds like it has a cadre of bad guys like the ones in Batman 5. What, no cameo for Michael Douglas? The only other one that interests me is Doom which looks like it's not going to be as profitable as the original video game. And whatever you do, don't ask screenwriter Wesley Strick: "Would you say this is the best thing you've ever done?"

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