Sunday, October 30, 2005

More politico-cinema

Huge! I relented and taped 'NeverEnding Story'. I saw it when I was young, kinda doesn't hold up so well but you do gotta like those special effects.

The more I hear about this Jarhead thing, the more I'm rooting for it. Three Kings is now superseded, which Clooney might be happy about. And hopeful news for Roger Deakins: he may get that Oscar yet, as both of Sam Mendes' previous pictures won Director of Photography Oscars!

In other news, Fred Thompson finally fulfilled his lifelong dream: being President of the United States, if only in some claptrap on HBO called Last Chance Agreement. I mean, Last Best Chance, that's it. He gets to say Fred Thompson-esque things like "The world's coming to an end, and here we are arguing about budgets and oversight!" Oh, it's surely a dream come true, for someone. Good double bill with: Celsius 41.11, NOT playing on HBO.

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