Sunday, October 02, 2005

SNL - Steve Carell

I guess the highlight would have to be the .. re-unition? The reuniting of Kanye West and Mike Myers. I guess that means everything's okay now! Anyway, they blew a real opportunity. Steve Carell did a song about how he's better than Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson, Will ferrell and Ben Stiller. If they all came out in the middle of the song that would've been ... too cliché? Anyway, I just hate it when my appetite's whetted like that!
They're still attacking Bush which is good, but it's still not having any visible effect. He's still here! Pretty soon he's going to pass an Executive Order that will force The Simpsons to do a caricature of him. I wonder if Jim Morris has an impression worked up yet.

Not much in the way of films. Saw a trailer for Thumbsucker. For a second I thought it was directed by ......... what's his name? Alexander Payne! Yeah, that's the guy. It looks an awful lot like Sideways, I must say. No, just a puppet director. Ah! He's got an arrondissement in Paris, je t'aime. Wicked! Will it ever come out? I heard Julien Temple and Nicolas Roeg wanted a piece of it ... is that too inside? Here's the link...

Oh yeah, and these new kids to SNL, Bill Hader and Andy Samberg. They look a tiny little bit like Jim Breuer and ... Adam Sandler, oddly enough. Or maybe if Jimmy Fallon and Adam Sandler had a baby.

Damn! Didn't get to bed on time. Finally, Debbie Downer has met her match! Steve Carell is BOB BUMMER!!!!! Finally! There's some writing on the show again. Must've hired Robert Smigel back full-time now.

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