Sunday, December 04, 2005

Box Office Retort - 1st week December 2005

Still goblet-ing up the box office booty, Harry Potter might actually turn a profit in the U.S.! Meanwhile, spend as they might, Paramount just can't get a #1 hit. Like Team America before it, Aeon Flux came close but just didn't have that populist touch. John Sayles, you should be ashamed of yourself!! And I think you know why. They've been showing old Aeon Flux episodes on MTV lately, gee I wonder why (GIWY?) Aeon's outfits on the animated show are much skimpier than the movie, quelle frommage. Must be a Woman's Lib thing.
In other news, we got Walk the Line followed by YM&O. Ah, they've been on the list forever. Coming in at #5, it's the season's unexpected breakout semi-hit Just Friends. Ryan Reynolds is the latest to don the new Rick Baker(TM) Fat Suit in the name of comedy. And I had my money on Waiting... Oh well, like Alanis Morrissette sez, you live, you learn. She originated that phrase, right?
What else? Ah, let's skip right to #10, In the Mix. Well, at least director Ron Underwood won't have as big and as expensive a bomb as Pluto Nash.

In other news, there's a couple hours left to catch the Showtime Freeview this weekend. Saw some of Edge of America. So far everyone's saying it's Indigenous Hoosiers, it's like Hoosiers but for Native Americans, and Hootka-siers, that kinda stuff. Probably irks Smoke Signals director Chris Eyre a little bit. Me myself, I'm not a big James McDaniel fan, his teeth are big and scary! Guess they couldn't get Joe Morton.

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