Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Back from being AWOL

Oh, big things a happenin' in the world of movies! Big things. Big things, big movies. Why, Curtis Hanson's latest is already on DVD! One of these days they'll have a simultaneous release on DVD and in theaters. Might be a good gimmick, they should've did it with Matrix 3, why not?
Just finished reading No Country for Old Men. Kinda feels good to read again; I get the feeling that Cormac McCarthy is a Coen brothers fan. I don't know; guess these days it's not so violent, but man, is it violent! Maybe if Spielberg made it they could avoid the NC-17 rating. Or Paul Verhoeven even.
Anyway, gotta keep this short. But today's picture is in honor of the release of the new 5-disc collection of Pink Panther cartoons. I guess they're all there, haven't double checked my sources yet. Sadly, the other Depatie Freleng productions, Misterjaw, Ant and Aardvark, Tijuana Toads to name a few, remain elusive, or at least not on DVD. Hopefully soon, but I guess they don't wield the star power that the Pink Panther alone does.
Okay, time to go. Bedtime.

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