Sunday, February 12, 2006

Filliam H. Muffman

Why, a couple days ago you couldn't even find a hit on Yahoo! in regards to Filliam H. Muffman. Today there are twenty. The movement is growing! ...why, I haven't checked Lycos in years! Still no hits there, and no, I didn't mean "william h. huffman." Get with it, Lycos!
In a recent news blurb that I missed, Clooney doesn't expect to win any Oscars. That's the oldest trick in the book, folks! Hell, he's got three nominations, and he's not Martin Scorsese over here getting snubbed year in year out. OTOH, Brokeback Mountain did get eight nominations, almost as many as Titanic. The point being, the Oscars in general are leaning far, far to the left, embracing the truth and what not. I mean, where's the Lifetime Achievement Awards for Charlton Heston or Lionel Chetwynd? Or those guys who made Celsius 41.11?
For me, it always comes down to reading the vibe of the Oscar electorate. Last year the vibe was clearly with Clint Eastwood and his Million Dollar Baby. However, even the Vibe knew that awarding him for acting was going a little too far. The year before that, Lord of the Rings. I can't believe it! It slipped to #4 on the IMDb poll. Damn you, Shawshank! But it's not all a bed of roses, people. Take Bugsy, for example. Ten Oscar noms, won only two. The flesh eater guy had more Oscar appeal, who knew; or was it just because it made more money.
So the jury's still out on who Oscar likes this year. I guess Ebert is the old reliable barometer as far as these things go. Me myself, I just wonder how Spielberg really feels about being in the same category with that pipsqueak Clooney. But in the end, ceremonies like the Oscars just seem to slow these two prolific SOBs down. Who's got time to get all gussied up and go to some awards show? I've got four movies to direct!

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