Monday, February 13, 2006

Stop! Or my Veep will Shoot

Well, soon enough the Daily Show / Colbert Report are gonna tear Cheney a new one... they better, anyway! I'm counting on it. "Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you were Dan Quayle!" Something like that.
Anyway, might as well take a look at the box office totals. Kinda sad when the top cumulative total (in the top 10) has only 66.6 million in the bag. OTOH it's Brokeback Mountain, and that's very respectable. Doing better than Hulk, anyway, heh heh... Well, the Panther's made its mark, an anemic #1. Oh well, c'est la guerre. Co-screenwriter Len Blum's resumé is kinda interesting, though. Following in close second place is this season's horror flick, FD3. I can't wait for the Valentine's Day ads, (see Saw 2's DVD release; and of course, coming soon: Saw 3) then go to see it on Valentine's Day and gawk at all the Goths in the audience.
Coming in at #3 is Curious George. What's happening to Will Ferrell? He's in his second year of NOT having a #1 hit. Not that it matters to me, I'm not in charge of such things. Besides, we'll always have our Paris: A Night at the Roxbury. At #4 is Firewall. Oh, Harrison, you're in the same boat as Will. Well, as long as IJ4 hits the jackpot, and how could it not? Maybe I'm too superstitious, but they should at least let Slocombe be a photography consultant on this one, even if it's only an honorary title.
When a Stranger Calls rounds out the top 5. Just found out it's a remake! Not as sexy a remake as, say, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, or as well known for that matter. If you're gonna have unknowns in a remake, it helps if the original film is well known. OTOH, they did have a strong ad campaign. Darkness Falls-strong!
As for 6 to 10, I'll keep it short. Sequels: BMH2 (already in the bottom 100! Cool!) U2, and the fairy tales Nanny McPhee and Hoodwinked, and ... nah, too easy.

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