Sunday, February 19, 2006

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In other news: Harry "Accidents Will Happen" Whittington's medical condition has been downgraded from James Cromwell to Harry Dean Stanton. That'll do, Har; that'll do.
Oh, there are big things on the horizon as usual, I just can't remember what they are. Well, of course there's MI3, which will be to P.S. Hoffman what Stealth was to Jamie Foxx; a nice chance to unwind after all that Oscar buzz! Eat it, SAT's. Uh-oh: J. J. Abrams? Guess what's his face, Joe Carnahan, didn't stick it out, who was formerly attached to direct. Guess he's gone the Darren Aronofsky Career Route, attached to a hundred projects that'll go nowhere. Oh, these hot young auteurs, how they all fade the same. Now, J.J. Abrams, he's the real deal Holyfield! He could be the next Tony Scott, one of those guys who's not afraid to make a couple bucks, am I right?
Well, the Starz free weekend (FreeKend?) is long gone, but at least I got my copy of The Terminator. Will history smile kindly on The Terminator? Maybe the sequels, if not James Cameron. Between Encore! and HBO, at least someone still loves ya, James. True Lies, baby!! At least you didn't have to come out in public and defend your Governor buddy, am I right? Spending the last couple years doing strictly documentary work, subliminally undoing his fiction work... I mean, Aliens? Abyss? What's the deal? Get it together, man! ... It looks as if he's sticking his toes back into the murky theatrical water with Battle Angel, which is a story about... guess what? A cyborg! What a stretch! And yet, after all his work with cyborgs, Albert Pyun toils in obscurity.
One last thing: P.B. Hall still getting work. Having to work without P.T. Anderson, how does he cope? He's got this new show, The Loop, which seemed PTA'ish, but sadly he's not involved. I'll tell you one thing, though: he'll never have quite a part as he did in mag-no-li-a, am I right people? You know the part I mean, all you fuddruckers out there...

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