Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Box Office Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!

Dang! Still evolving into a dyslexic typist. Good thing I catch myself sometimes.
Well, folks, John Dean's got a new book out, which means it's time for someone to publish a sequel to Silent Coup. I mean, c'mon folks! Nixon removed himself. See also Joshua Then and Now for another nice apaeaan ..paean? About Nixon. ...no one's put up that quote yet? Guess I'll have to do it. Later on.
And of course we've been hearing lately on the news about how conservatives are being elected all over the globe now, too. Speaking of pirates, POTC2 baby! #1 with a bullet at the box office! And a sword and doubloons and all that pirate crap. Actually got to see it this weekend, and man, what a freakshow. If only they were handing out bonus points for dressing the part. A good percentage of the audience would've gotten something. The usher warned me to get there 45 minutes early. Got there about ten minutes beforehand, but I got a better seat than I got for the first one, that's for sure. Craned my neck skyward until I decided about the halfway point I've had enough.
Anyway, they did the new old reliable Wednesday Release trick to boost the box office take. It worked for the first one and The Da Vinci Code, and why not? Bottom line, they're entertaining flicks, and now it's a Star Wars-esque franchise. Unfortunately we have to wait more than six months for the last installment, so it's not all good news.
Now there may be some of you out there wondering why I'm not profiling the other nine entrants in the usual Box Office horse race. The answer is quite simple, really. They're LOSERS! Damn dirty losers! Not worthy of time nor space, but I will give a brief shout out to Waist Deep, the little movie that could. And why? Even I don't know, but it's hanging on by fingernails, and not sliding down the drapes as fast as everyone thought it would. Hmm! They must be running trailers for it on Fox News Movie Channel!
All right, that's it for me. More big movies on the horizon, though: Clerks 2; Little Man, or White Chicks 2; Basic Instinct 2 now out on DVD! And PSP... what is this PSP everyone keeps advertising about? And how much more debt am I going to rack up thanks to a new format?

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