Saturday, July 29, 2006

We're ready for your close-up, Dr. Zetsche

The head of DaimlerChrysler is now on our TVs! Kind of refreshing to see a guy who's not totally pandering, as in the one where he leaves a guy speechless in a car after driving around like a madman for 30 seconds, which in a car commercial can seem like forever, and bidding him adieu, or rather, Aufwiederzehen! ...Is that how you spell it? And dude! The guy's accent is about as thick as Ahnold's! In the above one, however, Mr. Zetsche tries to fend off the wrath of Goober, the angry car commercial director. Well, the USA is kinda hated the world over right now, so maybe this commercial will make up for it and start the global healing.
So what's happening in the world lately? I mean, in the world of movies. Well, Mel Gibson's officially turned into his Lethal Weapon character, only more beard-y and less likable. It just ain't the go-go 80s anymore, Melissa! Well, like father, like son, eh? Actually, I'm more reactionary than ol' Hutton. He believes the sun revolves around the earth, whereas I believe it revolves strictly around North America, and I have the charts to prove it ... somewhere. I wrote it on toilet paper.
What else happening? Saw an interesting movie on the horizon, the dramatic version of The Corporation if you will, called Jennifer Government. And E. Max Frye, better make sure it's not another Amos & Andrew! Like I need to tell you. Why do I see what's her name in the title role... Jennifer Garner, that's it! That Dude where's my car 2 never did happen, did it? :(
Oh yeah, The Ant Bully's coming out soon. As David Spade might say, I liked it the first time when it was called The Genesis Tub on ... let me look it up here... Treehouse of Horror VII!! Was it that long ago? Maybe it's time to revisit the theme.
In other news, the ad budget for John Tucker must Die has officially passed the film's budget. This John Tucker guy's a real bad-ass playa. One of his catch phrases is "What's my type? Girl is my type." Which is why, for example, the outspoken Camryn Manheim isn't in the cast. Which doesn't explain why Hollywood auteur Betty Thomas is behind the camera! Shame, Betty, shame.
So many movies out there, the proverbial glut. I'm just concerned films like The Groomsmen and Clerks 2 will get lost in the shuffle. Well, can't worry about it. It'll be a distant memory by next week. I'll try to post sooner than that next time. Man! A week in blog time, well, you might as well be dead.

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