Sunday, December 31, 2006

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Egad... more tech malfunctions. On my end, not Blogger's of course. Why I haven't even begun to use my new Blogger / Google hybrid account yet! Now, would the new hybrid name be either Blogg-oogle or Google-logger? Sigh; always a new question on the horizon. Anyyway, let's get this one last mother out before the new box office totals come in in about 30 minutes. The way I see it, the big story is night at the museum vs. The Good shepherd: a pairing even e.e. cummings didn't see cumming. I mean, think about it: a 90-minute movie the whole family can enjoy, or an almost 3 hour movie that almost no one is going to enjoy, so you have to dump your kids off at the former for two showings. What's gonna win out at the box office? Hmm! That's a mystery even the current White House couldn't solve! But enough about the Iraq war, let's just dive right into the list as it still stands now.

At #10 it's ... let me call up the other window here. It's Happy Feet's last stand! Boy I bet Spielberg had a hand in this one now.
At #9 it's The Holiday, a take on Christmas that only Conde Nast could love. Yawn. Moving on...
Debuting at #8 it's McG's prestige pic, We are Marshall. And the box office says, we are not interested. But go figure, I'm gonna call it, Strathairn'll get the Oscar on this one. Eat that, Sayles and Clooney!
#7 brings us Dreamgirls. Everyone's talking about it, except Solange.
At #6 it's Eragon. This bird's got wings, I tells ya! Guess it needed a stronger web campaign.
Charlotte's Web hangs on at #5. Not pig enough.
And finally, at #4 it's The Good Shepherd. Why, even the CIA couldn't catapult this epic to #1, no matter what strings they pulled. I didn't realize Francis Ford had a hand in this til I saw it a couple weeks ago. I think he'll push for Oscar nods on this a little harder than Marie Antoinette this year. No offense.
At #3 it's Rocky Balboa and clearly this film is dividing a nation between all those people who don't care, and all those in the media declaring Rocky the last American hero, which obviously means Gen X is in serious, serious trouble.
Pursuit of Happy-ness, don't care. And I think I care about as much as Will does.
And finally at #1 it's NATM, as all the web kids out there are calling it. There's my argument, down with net neutrality. It was a fine experiment, but I'm sorry, the web should only be for the elites so they can maintain their dominance over society by being able to check stocks on in one window and keeping an eye on their siblings on You-Tube in another.
Sorry if I seem a little negative this week, but as usual I'm in a rush what with all these new year preparations, and a little heartbroken that my portable storage devices let me down again. Been having bad luck with the 3 1/2 inch diskettes lately! You know how it is. But I'll be back in form with the next installment of ... Box Office Breakdown!

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