Friday, July 13, 2007

Auteur Watch: Coen Bros.

This just in! Official website! See the trailer, spoil the movie.
So, what're my boys up to? That modern day Powell / Pressburger? The other Ivory Merchants? With just a dash of Jhabvala thrown in for good measure? Currently as us U.S. chumps eagerly await the arrival of No Country for Old Men ... I'm not the only one, am I? Anyway, they're starting their next decade of films with Burn After Reading, starting in August after a short break so they can catch up on their summer blockbusters. Dang! Buscemi's not in Transformers. That's loyalty for ya. But he is in Chuck & Buck ... I mean, Chuck & Larry, aka Sandler's 2007 project. They could probably work that in before principal photography starts! Speaking of which, I can't think of any bigger news than the split of Deakins from Mike Zoss. ...WTF! The Domain Name Nazis have snapped up! Those bastids. Well, there is good money in it after all, innit? Anyway, Deakins is chillin' for a while, but Emmanuel Lubezki's stepping in in the meantime. Not too shabby, but I would've gone for John Toll myself. At least he's got Oscars already. Oh, snap! Besides, why didn't you use Lubezki on NCFOM when he would've been appropriate? Or is that an appropriate observation? Anyhow, Deakins is working on In The Valley of Elah. That's one of those titles that just SOUNDS like an Oscar winner! Maybe that'll be the one, Rog. 5 Oscar noms! You won't be the Susan Lucci of the ASC forever! Or the BSC, for that matter.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. There was a thing on IFC of the big Cannes press conference, and I've got a beef with that foreign press, and I think Ethan does as well if I'm not mistaken! One of the reporters said to my boys that NCFOM is their best film in a decade. Eth diplomatically answered by saying "That's great, but we don't look at it in those terms." Sorry, guys, they thought they were talking to Dubya and saying he was the best American president in a decade. Well, somebody's gotta take him on, and it ain't gonna be Time Warner UPI, that's for sure. Nevertheless, let's take it film by film. Anyone heard of This is no fake thing that Steven Seagal might prop up by himself for Under Siege 2, my friends! It's not often a film gets its own Burning Man-esque following. Hmm! Think I better go to one of those within my lifetime. And of course, perhaps the foreign press don't know who made O Brother, Where Art Thou? They must've thought it was Preston Sturges. Guess they weren't crazy about The Man Who Wasn't There, either. Too American, right? Guess I better just skip Intolerable Cruelty and The Ladykillers, except to say that if anyone else made those movies, they would be applauded for filmmaking competence. Incidentally, what does that say? Special Cannes Jury Prize for Irma P. Hall? In your face, Foreign Press! I know, they were really giving it to her for her work in A Rugrats Kwanzaa Special. All right, that's probably more than enough of my raving. Even I grow weary of it! Or maybe it's that I've got 5 hrs. to get to work. The fantasy life'll just have to wait for the time being. 'Night! (J&E, call me!)

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