Tuesday, July 31, 2007

On your mark, get set ... D'Oh!

Well, TV's greatest under-achiever has finally done it... of course, with a little help from Fox and News Corp. Between the Simpsons and Star Wars, Fox must be torn! Why do all the big moneymakers lean to the left like this? Anyway, The Simpsons Movie arrives at #1 outdoing someone's expectations that it would only do 50 million. It's already up to 74 million! It's probably not going to break any of those other obscure records, like fastest film to 100 million, but you never know! Meanwhile, its place in the IMDb Top 250 is far from assured. As of now it's at 90, but it got as high as 45! Eat it, Brad Bird! We'll see how this all plays out over the coming weeks. I don't think there's a big film coming out this next weekend, so it looks like Homer's going to have to dominate for at least another week.
As for the rest, it pretty much boils down the way it did last week. Chuck & Larry, Harry Potter, and Hairspray all did about 60% of what they did last week. But that usually happens when the #1 film kicks so much ass!

But the feel-good story of the year has to be No Reservations, worming its way to #5 in between the older giants. But for director Scott Hicks, it's probably not going to turn out to be the gentle walk through the Oscar garden that 1996's Shine was.

As for 6 thru 10, it's Transformers, Ratatouille, and Die Hard. And bringing up the rear is two newbies! At #9 it's I Know Who Killed Me. Now, I know what you're thinking, this is another fun-filled romp like I Know What You Did Last Summer. But that was ten years ago, and J. Love Hew isn't gimping for Oscar gold like Lindsay Lohan apparently is. (Ah! Cast credits listed alphabetically... she IS going for the Oscar gold! That's the oldest trick in the book.) But more importantly, Julia Ormond is back. This is her second American coming, but I still get the feeling like she's got more to lose this time than any of us.

And finally at #10 it's Who's Your Caddy? I didn't memorize the trailer very well. Is Carson Daly in this movie? As we speak, this is already worse than Troll 2! That was fast. Even faster than The Simpsons Movie gets to be the #1 best movie! See? Somehow it's all connected. I Heart Huckabees was right after all. And I think I better go.

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