Friday, August 31, 2007

A week of lulls, or Gone-Zo

I am reminded this week of that casserole on Malcolm in the Middle, made of all the left-overs the family didn't finish over the course of the week, and
for the first time ever LAST WEEK'S casserole ends up in the casserole! Oh sure there are some new entries this week, but you wouldn't know it from
looking at the top 3. Besides, the hot story this week is High School Musical 2 anyway. A lot of nostalgia for high school out there amongst the
giants who are happy that they're not going to school today. Zac Efron doing double duty in that and Hairspray; I love it! And could Ashley Tisdale be
the new Haylie Duff? Everyone else but Haylie'd like to think so! She's got an interesting smile; kind of a Rod Stewart vibe, with some Paris Hilton
thrown in to the mix, but with some wits about her. Yes, kind of a smug self-satisfaction but still not afraid to be a sex object and make some money
for the man. What do I gotta do to get with you, honey?
Anyway, let's tiptoe through the Box Office tulips in terms of cumulative total again

1 Superbad (2007) $18M $68.6M 52 The Bourne Ultimatum (2007) $12.4M $185M 13 Rush Hour 3 (2007) $12.2M $109M 34 Mr. Bean's Holiday (2007) $10.1M $10.1M 85 War (2007) $10M $10M 96 The Nanny Diaries (2007) $7.81M $7.81M 107 The Simpsons Movie (2007) $4.4M $173M 28 Stardust (2007) $3.95M $26.5M 69 Hairspray (2007) $3.45M $107M 410 The Invasion (2007) $3.14M $11.5M 7

The Simpsons Movie - If I read one more review comparing this to the South Park movie I'm going to puke. Seriously.
Mr. Bean's Holiday. Well, it's been 10 years so I guess we were overdue. I do like the idea of a G movie, though. Expect Johnny English 2 in 2013!
War. Yawn. The One part 2. Or Transporter 3, either one. I already had this one's number a long time ago. Still, makes all those ads for Jet Li's
Fearless seem a little anti-climactic. That was Li's last epic, so now he can only make crappy movies like this one? Is that how it works?
At seventh on our countdown to infamy, Nicole Kidman the Remake Queen is at it again. I mean, the Stepford Wives, Bewitched, and now this. Up next: I
-Spy 2, to help Owen Wilson get out of his funk.
And finally, diaries are incredibly hot-ular... popular? Hot? Spawning their own genre? You've got Bridget Jones, the Motorcycle Diaries, the Princess
Diaries, the Basketball diaries, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, and now the Nanny Diaries. From the powerhouse filmmaking team that brought you American
Splendor, and they managed to re-snag Giamatti for a role. Fancy that! What smashing good luck! And like Zwigoff when he made that bold leap from
Crumb to feature films, the filmmakers here employ the services of one delectable S. Jo. Why, that's almost like getting Ashley Tisdale. I guess
Brittany Murphy got tired of making pictures like this.
And finally, I pronounce you Craig & Larry has finally fallen out of the top 10. And it couldn't have come at a worse time....

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