Monday, October 15, 2007

Brought to you by Galeainip Alteiem MacDunelmor

Seriously! Google 'im. The H.L. Mencken of his day.
Well, it's that time of year once again for Madea to take over the Box Office and DOMINATE! Absolutely dominate. Well, not last year and not with Daddy's Little Girls. Let us never speak of it again. Let us instead focus on the brightly illuminated present, and the almost instantaneous arrival of The Tyler Perry Company's latest production called Why Did I Get Married? It beat what The Rock had cooking this week by almost 2 to 1. So when is the establishment gonna give this brutha some respect and let him make that $100 million Madea movie? He's got it in him somewhere, I'm sure!

Meanwhile, Spawn's thinking to himself: how did I get roped into this? From the commercials, he doesn't look happy to be there! In fact, Pointy Williams is going to make his own movie about his experiences working on Why Did I Get Married? It's going to be called How Did I Get Roped Into This? T(yler P)erry's gonna sue. Meanwhile, Chris Rock's shaking his head...

In other news, just yesterday there was a three-way tie for 2nd place! But there was a recount demanded, and now we have new numbers. The Game Plan slips to #2, and two newbies The Departed 2 and Intolerable Cruelty 2 come in at 3 and 4, while There's Something About Mary part 2 sinks like a stone to fifth place. Oh! An actual sequel at #6! It's Elizabeth: The Golden Age. ...and now, IMDb is acting up on me. The web page is turning into Jell-O but without tables, something like that, so every line gets its own line, see what I'm saying? So what was formerly on five pages takes up 20 pages.

And so we come to the 7-10 split: The Kingdom, Across the Universe, Resident Evil 3 and, finally, The Seeker. Which reminds me: speaking of video game adaptations, which Final Fantasy are we up to now? Twenty? And yet, only one 100 million dollar movie adaptation. So unfair.

Well, that's about all the damage I can do this week in this regard. Please let me know if I forgot anything. Over 'n out!

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