Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Short Reviews - September 2007

Walk Like a Man - Well, my job is done!

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves - Well, I finally figured out where the theme music for the Morgan Creek vanity logo comes from!
The Seeker - The other Golden Compass. But why is the hero wearing Freddy Krueger's sweater? Ooh ooh, does Ian McShane still get to swear up a storm? Or is it like Hot Rod? Did anyone else see Hot Rod?

The Darjeeling Limited - The magic is gone. The magic is so gone...

The NEW FARRELLY Heartbreak Kid - Welp, I guess Ben Stiller will sell the concept better than Charles Grodin did. Who knows? Anyway, it's a little more interesting than the more recent trend of the groom's best friend always pointing out "This is the last woman you'll ever sleep with for the rest of your life. Hope you know what you're getting into!..."

David Spade in the world's dirtiest film - Ah! All my dreams come true, thanks to Axe body spray... Or have they? I don't see it on the IMDb yet!

Rendition - Jarhead 2? The one explosion looked a little fake... The only real question is: when will the Right wing start attacking it?

And now, on to Roger Deakins ASC BSC...

In the Valley of Elah - I'm afraid this is going to get confused with No Country for Old Men, primarily because of Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin. Guess we're just lucky Chigurh wasn't in both! Rog himself hasn't been this confused since 1994, what with Shawshank and Hudsucker... Hmm. There's a movie SAT question there someplace...

No Country For Old Men - NOW can the Coens have a #1 hit?

Gone Baby Gone - Gotta like the title, anyway. We've come a long way from Missing. It's from the same writer of Mystic River, and is also about a missing girl. Yeah, I wanna go through THAT again!

I Am A Sex Addict - Every once in a while you get introduced to a new filmmaker that you've never heard of before, never had recommended to you before, or never even stumbled upon accidentally while perusing the giant IMDb family tree, swinging from branch to branch and studying the people and movies you respect the most, like Caveh Zahedi. Oh, he's good, but he makes Henry Jaglom look accomplished in comparison. Guess his whole life was building up to this one, though. That's gotta count for something, right?

Flock of Dodos - Nice to see the other side pushing back a little. The crucial scene for me was when the one councilman was using the Mt. Rushmore argument like a blunt instrument. Designer, human designer, designer, human designer... I've never seen such back and forth! Science doesn't work that way, all you right wingers. Unlike the existence of God, science relies on reproducible results, etc. Not hyperbole.

The Jane Austen Book Club - I'll see it for you, Bello, but you gotta look at me that way too!

Weirdsville - It had better live up to its title, that's all I gotta say, you hosers!

We Own the Night - Like Shooter, but Marky Mark'll get the Oscar for this one. Meanwhile, across town, Donnie's planning on seeing Saw 4!

Speaking of which, Saw 4... Well, it's about time for me to wrap up this blog entry, and I hope the makers of the whole Saw series do the same...

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Patrick Roberts said...

there were some funny parts in Heartbreak Kid, but their case for making Stiller's first wife into an annoying monster, etc. was totally un-convincing... which made him look all the more like a lame-o for leaving her