Monday, October 08, 2007

More Damn Clios

Clio-es? Anyway, it's time to examine more of that great short film festival in between the TV shows. Not that I've given it so much thought. Even though they don't get much air time, I still think those new Fruit of the Loom commercials are noteworthy. The latest one seems to be filmed backwards. How often are the old fashioned methods used in commercials these days? Then of course there's the axe wielding maniac with the six-pac of Bud Light that I and my close confidant like. ...can't think of any others right now. Oh yeah. I think the 'No Stank You' commercials are some of the best anti-smoking ads out there. Now they're taking on chewing tobacco! Keep up the good work, guys. Think about it, teenagers. I know smoking's cool and all, but you don't like going over to the house of your smoker friends, right? I mean, what's the point of wearing expensive perfume there? Cigarette smoke is the only perfume you'll ever need!

But my hands down winner for the Most Annoying Commercial Lately (MACL) is the Domino's Oreo dessert pizza commercial. I guess Rob Schneider was too busy, because somehow I picture the Alpha Dog in this one to be right up Deuce Bigalow's alley, so to speak. There's also the second version of the commercial where the Alpha Dog there says "Right on, Kevin. Right on." Someday there'll be a Blu-Ray Disc of commercials. Maybe the "Now That's what I call Music" people will tap into that market of people who want the inside scoop on all those annoying commercials that stick to the brain like proverbial bits of glass, but are tired of watching the tiny grainy version of it on YouTube. Are they long enough for a director commentary? For some, maybe. But mine is not the only craw that this commercial got stuck in: I think it was Bill Maher who talked about the billionaire who owns the Domino's Pizza franchise; apparently they're a Right-wing wingnut. See? Believing in Jesus really does work! Finally a practical religioun. My only question is, before I develop Type-O(reo) diabetes: How good can that dessert pizza be if half of it ends up on your face?

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