Saturday, July 19, 2008

Where in the World is ...

If you're anything like me, (and if you're reading this you either are like me, or more likely, you ARE me) what with this being an election year and all, you've probably been wondering to yourself ... where the heck has Brendan Fraser been all this time? Well, according to his detailed resumé at the, after successful stints opposite The Mummy and the Looney Tunes, he took some time off to do some things more like 1998's Gods and Monsters. Well, now, he was in Crash(2004) ... wait a minute! Shouldn't that be Crash 2005? I mean, it DID win Best Picture after all, right? Is that ancient history already? Anyway, for all you nay-sayers out there who thought his career slipped into some kind of permanent midnight or something, watch out world! Because the Fraze has gone from Journey to the End of Night to this week's #3 entry, the latest remake of Journey to the Center of the Earth. That's right, he's gone from Monkeybone to The Mummy 3 coming out on August 1st. Hopefully The Dark Knight will have petered off a little bit by then and that can make some money, too. So, since Journey's probably not going to be in the Top 10 next week, let me give out the briefest of shout-outs to special effects man turned director Eric Brevig. Howsit feel, buddy? Being in that big ol' director's chair? For who better to know how to direct a pic these days than a special effects guy who's spent the last 20 years clawing his way to the top of his craft, through dreck like Total Recall and Men in Black, finally to make a little dreck all your own? Personally, I prefer Albert Pyun's Journey to the Center of the Earth, but that's just me.

Damn! Sorry, folks, having a little intractable hardware trouble. Okay, what else we got this week? Kittredge hanging in at #10, doing similarly as Little Miss Sunshine, only America fell in love with that one a little bit harder if I remember correctly.
Hancock, Hellboy 2, yeah yeah yeah. Wanted and Get Smart tied at $112 million cume. There was an interesting thing over at The Onion about the Wall-E backlash. Just wait til they get a load of Terra! ...nothing? I'd say that's much worse. But anyway, if Wall-E really did cost $180 million to make, I'd say the 'hippies' over at Pixar will have to be a little more conservative in their next choice.
But the thing I really wanted to brush up on is this little thing called Meet Dave. Now, most of the people I know are still suffering from Eddie Murphy Fatigue (EMF) even though they liked Shrek, but I say, aw c'mon! Give a brother a chance! At least he's trying! Yeah, I remember the good ol' days of Pluto Nash, the days when it seemed like every 100 million dollar movie out there was doing SOME business. And then P. Nash hit and crashed big time. Didn't crack the Top 10 if I remember correctly! And Luis Guzman was in it and everything! Now, I ask you, HOW in the hell do you go wrong with Luis Guzman in your movie? Wow. Very wrong. Check out those numbers. And now Ron Underwood's directing episodes of Ugly Betty. But the director of Meet Dave? Oh, he's flying high, babies! He's on the Reelz Channel, talking about how he love's going to work in the morning. Hey, he directed Kenan & Kel, he can direct this one. Hell, he did Norbit! Why not.
Where was I? Oh yeah, got sidetracked again. Well, only 12 more hours or so before we find out how much ass Batman Begins 2 really kicked. Maybe they'll get cocky and let Joel Schumacher take over again! heh heh ...

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