Friday, August 15, 2008

Auteur Watch - Deb Hagan

Yeah, it's time for another installment of our regular feature here at The Movie Hooligan, and it's called Auteur Watch, where we profile in detail those film directors of note, look at their illustrious past and make note of what's rumored to be in their future(s). According to the IMDb, basically; that's my only rumour pipeline for now.

Now, normally when I do this segment I either tend to pick the well known auteurs of our time, or I'll pick the ones that I like. I know I did one on the Coen brothers and Steven Spielberg. Why, I even did one about Rob Zombie; well, he's paid some dues at this point in his career, so why not, I say. Welp, gotta keep on the move, so who to select next? I was having some trouble deciding at first, that is until I started seeing ads for this awful-looking movie with no big name actors in it, and it's called "College." Simply "College". You know, people say that the ads always make the movies look good. Now I'd be the first to admit that I'm just a jaded sophisticate, but not only do the ads for College NOT make it look good, it makes me wonder how things like this get put in theaters in the first place, whilst a classic like Bachelor Party 2 starring the Doofer is consigned to the shame of a direct-to-DVD release. Yeah, I know it's no longer a bad thing, but it's still a stigma in my eyes. And we are talking about the Doofer, after all. He wanted to put this in theaters, but he's doing it for the kids. And showing a lot of class by doing that, I might add.

Yeah, I must be out of touch. I was hoping to find more resum├ęs like Andree Moss and Carolyn Moss, but Drake Bell and Andrew Caldwell have fine careers already under their belt, but now it's time for them to shine. In College. And besides, like we learned in Econ class, they're spending a lot of money on advertising, so it MUST be a quality product. It's not just a 90-minute trailer, this will be embraced by public and critic alike. With much repeat business as the cherry on top. So the next question (for me) is: who was given the honor of directing the greatest movie ever made in history? Spike Lee? Wes Anderson? Coppola? Surely there was some sort of bidding war over it, names withdrawn then put back into contention... Well, we may never know the true story of how it went down in that smoke-filled room. At least, not until it comes out on DVD and PSP and Blu-Ray: the ultimate edition, unrated of course. Hard to say where they'll talk about that more, in the commentary or in the making-of documentary on Disc 2. I'm betting the commentary. Anyway, all we really know for now is that someone named Deb Hagan got the job, and did an excellent job, by the way. So what sorts of film credentials and life experience does it take to put something like College together? Well, all we know at this point is it's all based on Deb Hagan's previous and first film, a short film called Pee Shy. Well, we don't know much from the official Pee Shy movie web site, but take note, Jerry Bruckheimer. Even you have to admit the title is appropriate: what you see is what you get. So Deb's got that part of the biz down pretty good. And even though College is just about some high schoolers visiting a college for a couple days, you can't deny that the title gives you an idea of where the film takes place. Why, look! Pee Shy even has the same font as College! That classic College font! And the yellow streaks on the letters are a nice touch, even though I can't figure out what it's supposed to represent. And yet, why do I have the feeling her next project is going to be a scathing satire about the evil inner workings of Hollywood?

Oh but that's just sour grapes on my part, don'tcha think? A toast to you, Deb Hagan. Looks like this is the beginning of a long, beautiful directing career, kid.

College official web site
Pee Shy official web site

p.s. In a recent documentary about Animal House, College was included in a long list of Animal House clones. Between that and the ad campaign, you can't BUY that kind of publicity... can you?

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