Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Another stunning reversal...

...but I'm going with the "Pixar" image anyway. Yes, God love 'em, The Hangover wins the big recount! It is now the #1 movie this week instead of Up. Well, 90% of 68 million is still better than... whatever percentage Disney gets of that 44 million that Up made this week. I'm assuming it's less. But in terms of legacy, Up is higher up than The Hangover on the IMDb Top 250, although I'm assuming both will drop. Shawshank will not be easily threatened by every wannabe that comes along.
But what I REALLY wanted to discuss this week: Will Ferrell. And even though Land of the Lost bites the big one at #3, one can't help but notice that Mr. Ferrell is entering that all-important phase in a funnyman's career: polishing that public image. Oh, he's more than just the goofy SNL funnyman to be sure, in case you didn't already know, with his Dog Show bits and pretending to be a cat when inventing new cat toys. And it's more than just making surprise visits to his alma mater and entertaining the bigshots of tomorrow. Now it's going to all the big ribbon cuttings and visiting the big, sexy government agencies like NASA, and really solidifying the old public image. He's probably not going to end up going as far as Angelina Jolie and become a special envoy to the U.N. and save children or some crap like that. But he's going to come close. Damn close, while still walking that tightrope between being the goofy comedian and being the absolute envy of all those talentless WASPy white men out there who look to him for guidance in their daily professional and personal lives. He's got to solidify his position in the world as a world citizen, because the box office totals aren't going to do it on their own, obviously. Personally, I blame Silberling for this. I mean, 10 Items or Less, my ass!
Moving quickly on to #4, it's... let me check the window here... NatM:BotS for short with Benjamin Stiller the First. It's over the 100 million barrier for sure... but not by enough, damn it! At #5, Star Trek. Over the 200 million barrier for sure... but not by enough, damn it! What is with you, thrifty American moviegoing public? Get it together, man!
As for 6 thru 10, or 'The Dregs' as I lovingly think of them, a bunch of bloody sequels, metaphorical or real. Here's what I mean: #6 is Terminator 4, which I think is the first time a McG film's crossed the 100 million barrier domestically. Certainly since We Are Marshall. Yeeggggh! At #7, Evil Dead 4, basically. I know, I know, it is better than that. Gotta dig that poster. Just pullin' your chain, Raimi. Now get back to Spider Man 4. At #8, Da Vinci Code 2, at #10, Dance Flick 1 or Wayans Bros. Comedy 7! Something like that. And finally, a breakthrough debut! My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 at #9. Or 3 if you count Connie & Carla as MBFGW2. No, the title's not just referring to Vardalos' career rise and fall post Greek Wedding. She's getting back to rom-com basics with this. Incidentally, wonder whatever happened to that FOX reality spinoff show, My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss? Oh, no one can ride the gravy train forever.
Except Spielberg, of course.

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