Sunday, June 07, 2009

Auteur Watch - Alex Kendrick

Do you realize I'm still using only 1% of the allotted space that my blog allows? Man! So much more blogging to do. Anyway, seeing as how I'm trying to wrap it up so I can get into my damn bed, I couldn't think of a more appropriate auteur to profile than Alex Kendrick. With his brother Stephen by his side, they're kind of a religious Coen brothers. I profiled Alex last year because his latest F picture, Fireproof, managed to crack the top 10. See that, Pat Robertson? All you need is a little star power and a budget, and the moviegoing public will indeed respond. Look at Angels and Demons! ...well, better look quick before it disappears entirely. Lamentably, there's nothing new on the horizon for the Kendricks. Perhaps they've gone quietly back to the day jobs, or maybe they got into a big diva fest with Lions Gate, jealous of the deal Tyler Perry's got with them. Sorry, guys, but Tyler's got at least 5 years seniority on you. Incidentally, Ty, you can't be huggin' on the Fresh Prince's bride like that! WTF, man?
...where was I? Ah, who cares.

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